The Coolest!

i know it is uncool to think of your parents as cool. but i have to say my mom is the coolest of anyone i know. she has put up with me all my life. she has taken me for what i am with little to no complaints. she lives with the piercings. she survived the blue hair. she has made it through all the idiotic boyfriends. the coolest thing is she never gave me much grief for all the **** i put her through. she loved me no matter what. you just cant get any cooler than that.

metalgirl99 metalgirl99
36-40, F
6 Responses Mar 18, 2009

Mom is like God..Always ready to forgive and be kind to her children...She can sacrfice anything for her children..........That is why other name of God is mom.I miss my MOM who left this world<br />

yeah, she has gotten a little weird over the years. no wonder she doesn't mind me being so fruity.

Pretty soon her hair is going to be blue,<br><br />
and she may act a little idiotic.

thank you both for your kind words. it means a lot.

This is so wonderful, metal girl. I can't stop smiling. <br />
Your Mom knew that piercings, boyfriends, hair, and grief<br />
were just road bumps in her dreams for you.<br />
And you are a joy for sharing the love.

She loves you alot. You're very lucky.