Okay, so I've noticed this within the past year or so. My mom is always going around treating my brother (middle child) better, and she acts like she likes him more, even though she denies it. But it seems really evident when you look at it through my eyes. I used to be really passionate about acting. I wanted to be an actress, try out for plays and all that. My mom put me in one musical theatre class and when it was done, that was it. My brother does a whole bunch of really stupid and irritating voices and faces, which tick my entire family off, but she thinks he's funny, and all of a sudden she's like "OH! You're an ACTOR! Lets get him a video camera and you can post stuff on Youtube and get famous!! And we'll put you in an acting class that costs 400$!!!".
Then, I was also interested in singing. I was in choirs, wanted to take voice lessons, but she said no, and my brother sings songs in dumb voices around the house and it's "OH! He's got a great voice! Let's get him to audition for this really good choir, and sing around the campfire because he's got a good voice!" Well she never asks me to do it, and he always says no, and I might even do it if she asked me to.
She seems to support my brother in everything he does, and the thing is he doesn't really want to do anything like acting or singing. I've been interested in multiple things over the past years like gymnastics when I was a kid, dancing the last 3 years, and I've loved writing my entire life. She never gives me the kind of encouragement that she gives my brother, and it makes me feel unloved and untalented. When I danced, she always complained about the high prices of the classes and costumes, barely got tickets to my recital on time, and never cared to go to Parents Day. When I was a kid we were kind of poor, so I understand why I wasn't able to do the things that we can do now, but when I was in gymnastics she moved me to a different gym, and all my skills went downhill because it wasn't really a gym for gymnastics. We had to set up and take down all the equipment, the coaches weren't amazing, and overall I just quit. She didn't listen to my complaints.
Now with writing, something I really love, she's never asked me in all the years I've been writing to see any of my work. She doesn't ask how my stories are going, or if she asks what I'm doing and I say I'm writing, she never asks what about, and she just generally doesn't seem to care.
I've had to pay for almost every expensive piece of technology I've ever wanted. I got my first job helping her when I was twelve to pay for a cell phone, 15$ a month. When I lost that job, I had to pay her back every payment I didn't have money for when I got a better job delivering flyers. I payed for the iPod Touch she "got" me for Xmas in grade 6, the 300$ computer, my 100$ camera, I payed for 600$ of my Macbook Pro I got this year, and I currently pay for all the bills of my iPhone 5 which I payed to get. Last Christmas, she got my brother an iPod Touch after he sold my old one she forced me to give him. He didn't pay for any of it.
I clean almost my entire house every week, me and my dad are the only ones that clean the house voluntarily, and she doesn't say "Thanks, the house looks great." She gets mad at me because she thinks I'm saying she doesn't do a good enough job of it herself.
Maybe she favours my brothers because my dad and I have a really good relationship, and I know that she still kind of supports me because she pays for all the things I want to do mostly, but it would just be nice to receive the kind of encouragement that she hands over to my brother for doing absolutely nothing. I sometimes wish that she would just be like a soccer mom or something, because they're so INVOLVED with their kids passions, and they encourage them and support them to do what they love, and I don't really get that.
Out of my entire family, I am the only one that is average weight according to BMI. Both my brothers are overweight, and the one she favours is probably obese. I'm very into working out and running, and she comments on this, but I feel like that's the only thing she really likes about me, that I'm healthy and I can control my portions, unlike my brothers.
I don't know I just felt really crappy so I needed to vent to someone. I'm probably just a spoiled brat, but I'm also a kid.
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Many parents have a favorite child. It is sad, but true. Like HelloNovaa said, I would advise you to talk about this to your dad and mom. Also, you seem like a very talented young women. Develop the skills that you have like writing and you should be fine. Good luck.

your story is really touching and it seems like your mother supports your brother more in life, but when you ask her , she says that isnt the case . if I were you , i would tell this whole story to your mom and Also to your dad. since the two of you are really close he probably gives you his honest opinion.

But please, dont let your mom bring you down in life! you got so Many talents such as acting singing writing as you said:). chase those dreams! you can achieve em, even without your moms support

good luck , im here if you need to talk

thanks for your response, I was really worried people would judge me and say that I'm ungrateful. I've brought it up to her once before but she's not good with people saying anything she's done is remotely wrong, so it ended up just being a huge fight and her saying that "Having a daughter is not what she expected" and that she wished it- I - were different. She just doesn't seem to care about how I feel.