Oh Well

I tried to make her happy. For years I tried and so did many other members of the family but she picked how and when she would act like a person.

Some people were never meant to be mothers and sad to say, my mother was one of them.  She just didn't have the mental or emotional strength and capacity or skill set to be kind and loving.

I stopped caring about how she felt about me and the decisions that I made in my life because my life is just that, MINE.  God gives each of us a life to live.  It is not a parent's job or responsibility to live their children's lives.  They will cripple their children's ability to become responsible adults if they continue to interfere in their lives.

Parents are supposed to be loving and supportive, not controlling and domineering.  Sad that she never learned that and chose to blame her children for her unhappiness.

I am responsible for me and my happiness.
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1 Response Sep 16, 2012

While I only know you through a few of your answers, from what I can gather you turned out to be a great person. I bet you're going to be one amazing mother and ensure your kids are well loved and cared for.

I worked really hard at it. Thank you.

Good for you! If I may intrude a bit and feel free to ignore my question, but how long did it take you to get over the hurt and bitterness?

Change is an evolving process. Healing from hurt happens over time. I didn't measure it because I am still evolving and growing as a person.