She just made me another promise. I cant trust her :( i bet she only made it cos there were people around and she wanted to sound like she was nice. Shes gonna break it im sure of it. But something in me wants to believe it to be true. She keeps breaking me. I went into fantasy land daydreaming about how it would be if she would stick with her promise. Its too good to be true and shes got such a reputation which makes it impossible to believe anything she says. Dad as well. They tell me something and i get my hopes up and then time after i realise that it was a lie and they just wanted me to shut up. I cut today again. Mostly was my bro but my parents are letting him :/ i cant and wont say anymore to anyone. Noone understands me, noone. Im alone.
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Don't you think that you think too much ?:)

I think that I do but also that I have to.

Is ur helping you thinking too much ?

I guess.

Guess it's not sure

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No you are not and tell him to stay away from you ---
We'll talk ok ?
I want to