My Controlling Parents

I always grew up in a strict household. My parents are hispanic so their culture is very different than american culture. I rarely left my house when I was younger and they always made my choices for me. As I got older I began to act up and get bad grades in school. I had little motivation to do things and it caused my parents to get angry and start arguements with me. It was vrry diffucult to date as well because they are always so controlling. I am now 19. I have been with my boyfriend for 8 months. They constantly control how often I see him and they rarely let us stay in the same room alone. Today they freaked out and yelled at me and accused me of being sexually active because i I went over to his house. They dont want him to come over any more and my dad hates him. My parents want to take me to the doctor to have me checked because they think im having sex with him. I am so offended and upset that they would say something like that to me. I am not even underage anymore. My intimate life is my business. I love them and care about them but im so scared to go home now because im always afraid we will fight. I have to lie to them all the time too because they always disapprove of me going out. I recently went into credit card debt as well so they're very upset over that too. They constantly call me lazy, irresponsible and selfish. I dont know what to do anymore.
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is ur bf outside of your race?

He is half Hispanic half American so only partly outside of my race. He also has tattoos do my parents think hes bad news. Hes a very hardworking sweet boyfriend though. He's always been respectful to my parents and very comforting to me. He has been so supportive through all of this

your situation sounds a lot like mine, except I don't have a bf. closest thing I have is a pen pal guy who lives overseas.

Im sorry to hear that. Having controlling parents can be very stressful. Especially when youre an adult. I feel like im being held back from growing up. I cant even leave the house without their permission. And im not allowed to go to my boyfriends house because he apparently lives in a "sketchy" area. And he can only come over to my house once or twice a week. But after what happened last night I dont think hes allowed over anymore. Im just going to move in with a friend. This is becoming too much for me