Why Me?

I guess i should say my mom and step dad.Well it started when my brother was born.Before me and my stepdad were atched at the hip and now it seem slike every second hes yelling at me.I dont even have to do anything I feel like such a screw up.When my brother was born they started paying more attention to him than me which i understood because he was a baby.Now its become permanant.He acts like he loves him more.If i want to hang out or just watch tv or something he pushes me away but hes always there for my brother.I feel so alone and rejected because my real dad doesnt even want me.he doesnt call he forgets my birthday and last christmas I was so excited to see him but he canceld at the last minute saying he didnt feel like seeing me.My mom takes everything out on me.If she has a bad day at work then im the one to blaim if something isnt cleaned im the one whoze blaimed when my dad left..........Anyway it seems like what ever i do they are always yelling and screeaming at me.I even tried cleaning all the bathrooms and rooms and thy got mad because i didnt do it right.I feel rejected.sorry if stuff is mispelled i was crying when i typed it..
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1 Response May 6, 2012

please hang in there! i know wat ur going through trust me its not very different from my story
please dont be so low
know that God is here for you and he has a plan for you
if u ever feel alone just send me a message!