A Sad Dream That Accurately Depicts My Dying Relationship

Last night I dreamed that my "girlfriend or ex-girlfriend" (I'm not sure exactly what to call her because we still live under the same roof after 4 years but don't sleep in the same bed and havent had sex in a year and a half), decided to go on a harbor cruise.

While we were wating to get onto the boat, the person who was loading us told her to step into spot 1 and me to step into spot 2. I didnt think anything of it because the spots were next to each other. But when the ship arrived, she was directed onto ship 1 and I was directed to ship 2. So, we ended up doing the same cruise on different ships, not spending the time together as planned.

Sadly, this is a fairly accurate representation of what our relationshp has become!
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your story is my story

I'm finally in a position to execute my exit strategy. It hasn't happened yet but I'm making my plans.

I made my exit 3rd of Jan 2014 yeaaaaa few times iv been back to take care of a few lose ends.

it felt like going back to ur parents home where the still treat you like ur 6 years old even though ur grown!

Do you always do what you are asked?

I can so relate to this, discribes my relationship to a tee! :-( xx

Same as mine too.

I shouldn't whine about it. It's up to me to move on.

Its not easy, i am finding it hard to make that step

Its not an easy decision for any of us :-( xxx

Yeah you are right.

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That's so sad.

Unfortunately, it's just time to move on :(