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A Sad Dream That Accurately Depicts My Dying Relationship

Last night I dreamed that my "girlfriend or ex-girlfriend" (I'm not sure exactly what to call her because we still live under the same roof after 4 years but don't sleep in the same bed and havent had sex in a year and a half), decided to go on a harbor cruise.

While we were wating to get onto the boat, the person who was loading us told her to step into spot 1 and me to step into spot 2. I didnt think anything of it because the spots were next to each other. But when the ship arrived, she was directed onto ship 1 and I was directed to ship 2. So, we ended up doing the same cruise on different ships, not spending the time together as planned.

Sadly, this is a fairly accurate representation of what our relationshp has become!
dawinla dawinla 56-60, M 6 Responses Oct 19, 2012

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your story is my story

I'm finally in a position to execute my exit strategy. It hasn't happened yet but I'm making my plans.

I made my exit 3rd of Jan 2014 yeaaaaa few times iv been back to take care of a few lose ends.

it felt like going back to ur parents home where the still treat you like ur 6 years old even though ur grown!

Do you always do what you are asked?

Dreams are just our brains way of making sense out of problems we are trying to solve. It is clear that you two have serious issues. Good luck. I hope you are taking care of yourself. Stress causes its toll.

I can so relate to this, discribes my relationship to a tee! :-( xx

Same as mine too.

I shouldn't whine about it. It's up to me to move on.

Its not easy, i am finding it hard to make that step

Its not an easy decision for any of us :-( xxx

Yeah you are right.

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Talk about "two ships that pass in the night!" That is so bizarre! Well, sometimes although we don't always recognize it when happening, instances foretell things to come. Then again, it could have been sheer mishap. In any event it seems your situation on the cruise exemplified, "Row row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily is but a dream."
All puns aside, I hope your 2013 boat is filled with great adventures. :)

That's so sad.

Unfortunately, it's just time to move on :(