It's True

Well, I had the talk with my sister a little over a week ago.  She is going on 2 1/2 years since having sex.  She said she has somewhat considered an affair, but felt she did not have time or would be too hard to be discreet.  She said it would be hard to find someone safe, if she did she would just want to do it for the sex.  I finally told her that hubby, Mike, thought she was very sexy and had told me he would love to be with her.  She was a little embarassed and shocked and kind of laughed it off.  I mentioned him again and she realized that I was serious and would love for her to feel free to use him.  She said this was a little strange and she would need to think about it.

Well we had about an hour long talk this morning and she said if I was ok with it, she would be willing to spend some time with him and see where things went.  She admitted the idea was very hot and soo taboo it was a real turn on, but thought there could be too much pressure too.  In the near future, details to be worked out they are going to spend a day together.   It is so hot that this may actually be working out!!

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9 Responses Feb 23, 2009

Hubby is heading over to her house right now!!!!

So how did their day date go?

Wow, you do sound like a fun wife, and a good person.

Wow that is such a turn on, would you be willing to **** your sister too, or would you just want all the attention to be on your hubby?

Jerrica, No I will not be a part of it. But the idea is incredibly hot. Maybe someday as we become more comfortable hubby can have his sister *********!

I could not. It would be strange for me. I have too much emotional baggage with my brothers.

would u share your wife with your brother, overman?

This is so incredibly hot. Wow! Please post what happens. I have done the say thing with my wife, though it was with friends.

that's a good question. would you want to be a part of it? i have to say again, you're a very generous sister.