I've Done Nothing

My sis she's
Only16 and I'm only 12. She picks on me every day there's no reason for it my mom and my dad doesn't believe me so every day I just go to my room do homework so she doesn't pick on me I always feel like crying but I don't/ another thing is that I'm the youngest in my family my oldest sister she's 20 and she doesn't live with us and my other sis she's 19 and doesn't live with us before I go any ferther they all have a different dad any ways my only brother doesn't live with us any more he lives at his dad's and he was my only protection so it's only me and my other sister . I need help I get no attention in my family so the way i get it is to pretend I'm sick or hurt but I hate lying right now I'm crying it's been so long sensed I cryed for real
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