I Think My Stepmom Has A Crush On Me?

When I was 12 was when I first started having feelings 4 her so basically what I would do was sit next to her on the couch and kinda finger her through the trousers so I would put my hand on her ***** and push up and down. Last year she became an amateur wrestler and thought me some moves one day my dad was out and she said its time for a match. I was like ok but then she said it was a ***** match. She explained what u had 2 do to me and I understood. Basically what happens is u have to get ur opponent to give up 2 a move and ur naked at the time. She stiped straight away when I was half way through stripping she jumped onto me and sat on my face then said do u give up I went never and started licking her *** it was clean and even if it wasn't I wouldn't have cared I finally gave up. I am now 15 and I asked her of she wanted to run away with me when I'm 18 when I go round on Wednesday I will put the message in her panties draw. Do u think shell say yes or no?
Sjhopps Sjhopps
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Sounds like something out of a *****. This probably never happensd

Dude, I find it hard believing this to be true.

Yeah... Agree with @Mib3...