My stepmom works very hard for our family. I appreciate the things she does. I just don't think she appreciates the things I do. I understand I mess up a lot, but I'm 18 and I'm still learning. Her and my dad pay for my college while I live with them. My typical day consists of waking up early to pick her son up from drill, coming home doing online classes, cleaning the house, and going to work (I work from 4-11). She doesn't get off work til 6 and when I get home she is usually asleep. On my days off our conversations are short, they usually end in one or both of us angry or me crying. I try to ask her questions about college because she has just finished the same program only a few years before and she seems aggravated when I ask. I try to go places with her and her kids during the week to spend time together because my dad works crazy hours, but I feel unwanted. We have been a family for 8 years. I have always felt unwanted I thought it was in my head or it would go away but it has only gotten worse! What do I do? My dad has noticed and wants me to talk to her, but I am scared.
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It can't hurt to ask her what her problem is.

See I don't know how I would! I don't feel comfortable talking to her. And how do I do it without being disrespectful, I can't move out and support myself right now.

I'm also 18 and incapable of moving out so I know how it feels. =) maybe you could write her a letter or text her or something? Just ask if you have somehow offended her or did something to make her not like you. Maybe since she isn't your real mom she doesn't know how to act around you. Honestly, if she didn't like you I don't think she would help pay for your college expenses.

We've lived together for years, I've done a lot to get myself into trouble, shipping things wrong, speeding ticket, and my ex called her a b word on Facebook like a year ago because her and my dad decided they didn't want us to date. But I though I had made everything better, not talking to the guy, saying sorry and showing that I meant it , paying off the ticket, and finding the package. But I feel I'm he only one trying to fix things

Some people hold grudges and refuse to forgive other peoples mistakes. If she doesn't forgive you then it is her loss. No one is perfect and I'm sure she makes plenty of mistakes also.

Thank you! I want to talk to her and if I get brave enough I will.

Good luck!

Thanks nice to know I'm normal! XD

Plus, everything you listed above is completely normal for a teenager, you shouldn't stress yourself over it anymore. :D

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