I've been lucky that my job for the last 17 years has kind of stayed the same and has not required too much from me but it has changed in the last couple of years. Now it is catching up to me so much. I can no longer hide that it takes me longer to catch on to things. I can no longer hide that I really just want to hide in a shell and not get noticed. I can no longer hide that I'm not trying to advance. Neither one of my parents were smart at all and they both took jobs that did not require much in the brain department. I think every job has value, and I respect people of all trades but I feel so depressed that I will inevitably have to accept a big downgrade because It's who I am. I have been able to do good for a while but I feel like I'm going to have to be a grocery stocker or something so I don't feel too stressed. At least our house is payed off. I saved money for my son's first car and I have some money in savings. I think I might go to school for hair styling and do stocking on the weekends. Does anyone else feel that it is your destiny to accept that you will never be smart and just accept the simplest job possible? I worry about even being able to do hair. I may just have to do nails. Somehow my brother ended up with brains but he shot himself, so I feel like he wasted it. I have the memory of a goldfish. How am I going to make it if a smart person can't survive?
dawnmill dawnmill
Mar 20, 2016