My 16-year Old Daughter Was Picked Up For Shoplifting Yesterday And...

....I burst into laughter in the office of the Security people!!  It's not really funny.  Not now, anyway....I'm having lots of problems with her especially since her brother (the only male influence in her life) went off to college.  But, while I was sitting in that office, feeling completely overwhelmed (for the 18 kazillionth time) by motherhood, in a flash, everything was in perspective.  I laughed just like I know, one day, we will laugh about it together, when we can look back on it in hindsight and this ENTIRE TEENAGE EXPERIENCE is over for both of us!!  I laughed at the irony of, one day, my daughter may be in the very same position with her child....not because I'm glad she'll get her "pay-back's" but because it's just one more of an infinite number examples of how there is nothing new under the sun and that life is an endless cycle....

I know I must've seemed crazy!

I have to rescue my daugher (AND, QUICKLY) from herself!!!!!  All she cares about is clothes and boys....her leadership skills are completely lacking.  I talk to her ALL the time, have invested a butt-load of energy in her and (still) can't seem to give her what she needs, which (I fear) is her Daddy.

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3 Responses Jan 21, 2007

is there a reason you fear it's her daddy she wants? Daddy is a very important 'figure' in a young girl's mind. But, if that's not possible to fulfill, have her write a list of favorite things. See if there are common subjects there you two can share- well, within reason.

I think you should try to help her find something that she's interested in that can help her express herself and maybe even change for the better. Something like writing. Does she ever write? I mean, I know that I've become who I am today mostly because of the fact that I write. The people I'm friends with have had a lot of influence on me, too, but that's not something that's easy to change when you're 16 and have known the same people your whole life. However, writing is something that's really therapeutic and sometimes it has extreme positive effects on people...<br />
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