I Have Given Up

I have a daughter who ran away at 17 have not seen her for four years and have a son who is 16 how is giving me hell!  I have finally decided to give up and live my life.   I am tired of struggling to make them love me.   Nothing I do is give enough for them.

debra50 debra50
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3 Responses Jan 10, 2010

I feel you Debra, but they are your children! Whatever happens you need to be the strong person that you are and stick because you are their MOTHER! You are superior, and "You da boss". If you really need it get Iyanla from Iyanla Fix My Life on OWN to come over.https://www.oprah.com/plug_form.html?plug_id=9119583. Family is Family, Life is Life, and sometimes both can be unfair. But you can do it, I know you can. And you need to find that runaway daughter, you could probably track her down on the internet. She probably has herself in a bad situation right now and got the reality check she needs that she needs her parents. I really think you should do Iyanla tough, I will watch your episode­čśä.

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Stop struggling, stop spoiling them, you must love YOU first. At 16 he can get a paper round and pay for his own toys. I am sorry your daughter left but she will come back when the first baby arrives and she learns about sleepless nights and sacrifice. Just be always polite but walk away if rudeness starts, leave it with him, don't join in. The trouble with doing everything for kids is they treat you like a servant. You can change that if you refuse to continue in that role.