Underwear Too Tight!

I went from Large Fruit of the Loom, to 3X Fruit of the Loom, but I noticed my elastic band was making marks in my skin, when I leave them on for too long, a week or so, I have been trying to cut down on doing laundry, only (1) time every (3) months to save on water...  I take a shower every month, whether I need it or not, I believe in staying clean...    Also there is a foul odor in my apartment, and the neighbors are complaining about things, a stench they said that they can't put a finger on, but everytime I walk by em', they are giving me dirty looks...  I'm tired of being a Victim of Circumstances beyond my control!  I only buy (1) bar of Soap a year, I have really trimmed down my compulsive spending too!  I am really heavy (350lbs.) and it is HOT this summer, everywhere I go, I keep smelling something, like it is soured or spoiled...  Anyway that's my story and I'm sticking to it!  BubbleButtBob... 
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1 Response Aug 6, 2010

That is Disgusting!