Dana Returns From The Christmas Happy Hour

I knew something was up when she walked in. Nothing overt, nothing I could put my finger on, but something was different. Some background - my wife Dana turned 50 last year, she’s in great shape after a recent focus on exercise and healthy eating, having lost some 30 lbs. She has always been a looker, but with her new body she really is a knockout. Long haired brunette, slim hips, large breasts.

Dana has her own business and was been invited to one of her contractor’s Christmas party – it was a Friday after work happy hour party. Employees and spouses, as well as clients all invited. I’ve met many of the people and would love to have gone with her, but I had to work late that night so she went alone.

I was home be about 9pm and had just gotten comfortable in my favorite chair with a whiskey in my hand when she walked in. It was only maybe 10:30pm, maybe later than this sort of come-and-go affair might have normally run, but not late by any means.
She came in and I could tell right away she had had a few drinks. Nothing out of the ordinary there, we are both social drinkers. She looked fantastic, dressed in a top I had never seen. A scoop necked kind of a grey/silver sequined thing that clung to the curve of her full breasts just right. The scoop neck dropped low to give a nice view without being unprofessional. Very classy, very sexy. White jeans and boots topped it off. In short she looked hot as hell.

Like I said, I’m not sure what it was, but something was different. She didn’t go into any detail about the party, but she seemed fine. She went into the bathroom. I got up and made her a cocktail, thinking to myself I wouldn’t mind getting her a little more tipsy, she always gets horny when she’s drunk.

That last thought already had me getting hard when I walked into the bathroom. She was just shimmying out of her jeans and was standing there in her bra and panties. I handed her the drink and she takes a big gulp before setting it down on the counter, not really making eye contact.
“I’m going to take a shower” she says.

I moved up behind her and unclasped her bra for her. As she lets slide from her shoulders I wrapped my hands around her, pressing in tight, knowing she could feel me hard against her.
“It’s been a long day I need to get clean” she repeats.

I turned her around and put my mouth on hers. I could taste the whiskey, the softness of her lips, pliable, warm, and absolutely luscious. She loves to kiss, and it never fails to get her going.
Looking back on it, that kiss, her lips, …. They were different somehow if that makes any sense at all. I’ve thought about it his a lot since that night. You know how your lips feel when you’ve been making out for hours like you used to do in high school, how your lips get all tingly and soft? That’s what I think of when I think back on it.
It was an amazing kiss. Maybe a bit reluctant at first. But then willing, inviting, totally impassioned. The alcohol had her randy. I turned her around, both of us facing the mirror. I cupped her breasts, kissed her neck. Her head was to one side, her eyes closed. Her nipples were stiff and dark, and swollen. Her whole chest seemed flushed .

I slid one hand down into the front of her panties. Her head was back on my shoulder, eyes closed now. She moaned as my finger slid into her slit. She was soaked.

“You’ve been a naughty girl tonite haven’t you?” I said, being a bit playful.

Her eyes opened, looking at me. I looked back as I slid her panties down, her eyes were moist, but she said nothing. She seemed a little nervous maybe?

I pushed her forward and slid into her almost in one motion. She was down with her elbows on the counter as I started to pump into her. It was amazing, that warm wet feeling surrounding me.
I proceeded to talk dirty to her, something we both enjoy. Calling her my ****, asking her if she liked having a big **** in her (not that I’m all that big) and the like.
At this point, I was as hard as I had ever been. I suspected mine wasn’t the first **** in her that night, though I had never had any reason to suspect before. Now this isn’t something she would ever admit, probably not something we could ever even talk about. But I had fantasies of her with another man, she knew, and would never acknowledge it. It would come out as we were having sex from time to time. I was beside myself with the thought that she had actually done it!

That’s when I decided to find out for sure. I suddenly pulled out and dropped to my knees behind her. Before she could react my mouth was on her, tongue pushing into her.

She tried to push me back, to stop me. I was having none of it. There is something about eating a woman out from behind that is so sexy, so naughty, so delicious, so perfect! This night, she was definitely creamier than usual. I knew she had been with someone else at this point and I wanted to make sure she knew it was OK with me. In fact I wanted her to do it again. My mind was already racing on how to encourage this.

Dana, being inherently conservative, would never be able to admit this overtly, or discuss it openly, I knew that. But I figured that if I played my cards right, it could be something that she knew would be one of those things that was OK, but that didn’t need to be discussed.

I pulled back and she stood up, I pulled her close, her eyes were welling with tears. I kissed her, a full on passionate kiss, tongue snaking into her mouth. I knew she could taste everything I just had, everything she had brought home to me. After a bit of delay, she was kissing me back, with just as much enthusiasm.

I took her into the bedroom, and laid her back on the bed. The lights on, she was still watching me, perhaps judging my reaction. I stood beside the bed and pulled her to the edge, pushing her knees up. I leaned in and ran my tongue deep through her, she let me this time. I pushed into her and I leaned in, kissing her again, a sharing, sensual loving kiss as a buried myself into her.
I knew it was time to reassure her. I whispered my love for her. Telling her how sexy she was. That she was mine, and always would be, and that it felt sooo good inside of her, better than ever.

“That’s my ***** baby.” then “ You know it’s always mine don’t you.”

She was moaning now, pulling on her nipples. I went on.

“My ***** needs to be full baby.” And “Pull the *** out of that **** baby!”

I started pumping harder, “Do it baby, fill that ***** up for me”

We came together, in a motion of long strokes. Me telling her I was filling her with ***, telling her to *** all over that big **** for me.

I held her, telling her how amazing she is, that this might have been the best sex we had ever had. (too much?) We slid under the covers, still naked, she was fast asleep in short order, I lay there thinking about it all.

That night hasn't been discussed since then, though I think of it often. So far the night hasn’t been repeated.

I still have my fingers crossed.
daltxn daltxn
46-50, M
Jan 7, 2013