Update May 21

alot of things have happend since my last update.  things i find hard to accept or understand and well i dont know.
  and yes i found out all my suspicions were true my wife was(is?) cheating on me.
i spent a lot of time tailing her car and him and though i found out where he lived i never caught them together.
 i also found out he has a girlfriend and they have a baby together,and that he cheats on her with other girls,women,my wife! and apparently she accepts it.( guess i do too).
 i found all that out just last week while waiting outside and watching his place. theres a park down theway that gives me a good view and yet allows me to remain unseen. i saw and heard him and his girl come out arguing,she was shouting at him about how he never has any money because he spends it all on his ******* weed and them bitchs he ***** with,and how he cant even come up with ******* bus fare so she can take the baby to the hospitol.
as luck, or fate would have it she wandered my way, and asked me if i would give her and her baby a ride to the hospitol because she didnt have any ******* money for cab or bus fare cuz her no good nigga blew it all on weed!
 at first i really didnt want to because i wasent thinking straight,i had my mind set on staying there another hour or so and watching his place,but i reluctantly agreed feeling sorry for her and the baby.
 fate certainly does move in mysterious ways because even though i didnt realize it at the time i couldnt have asked for a better source of information than her,in her pissed off state she was telling all.
 she told me about a few girls he used to **** with and this old hoe(my wife) (and how she used to come by and give him a ride to work and money and ****, how the ***** even gave him this necklace her husband had given her.how that old hoe loved his dirty drawers and did all kinds of nasty **** she would never do ) but she made him break it off with all  them bitchs by threating to file child support on his nogood ***.
 she never asked me my name ,guess i was just a sounding board to her. without being to obvious i steered her ranting to what became of those bitchs? she told me how that old *****(my wife) was ****** with one of his homeboys now.

 so there you are...my suspicions were true my loving wife  the mother of our children was cheating on me with a worthless young drug addict(hes everything she claims to hate), doing things with him she wouldnt do with me.
it wasent even a one on one relationship she was just one of his many bitchs! and im sure she knew it too!
 i just dont know what to do. i love her still. i guess im like his stupid babys mama, just waiting there in the wings till she has time for me.i dont know its just so crazy what would possess a woman to do this ****, could it be a menapause thing?
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6 Responses May 21, 2010

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By staying with her your putting your children through a total mindfuck!

are you fat old and ugly ?? this woman is endangering your life having sex with these scums, and you acting like you such a ***** you can't live without her. well just stay with her.and you won't be a living without her. you will be dead. since most scum like him have been to prison, where they have sex with the punks in there, they come out infected and pass it on to all they can.

I would hide a tape recorder in the room that you will be in when you confront her about it. This recording will be for your lawyer. Or, you could always give it to her parents and other family. Good luck.

I agree with AnarChristian. How in your mind can you still have feelings for a pieceof pig excrement who has no respect for herself or you? Get your self a private detective to take pictures and document the slobs she meets. I don't know how old the kids are, but you must tell them after you get the detectives report and stick together. Good luck

Save up money, pack up your kids and leave your evil wife. I know it is easier said than done but that is what you have to do. <br />
<br />
Stay strong and stay focussed on what you have to do.