Don't Know What To Do/how To Feel/etc

On myy firefox browser, my home key is set to hotmail - where my wife left hersself logged on.  lo and behold I see she has lots of mail from 'plentyoffish' some sort of free online dating platform.  So far I haven't said/done anything about it because we're  a stones thow away from seperation/divorce for many other issues.   and no i didn't read the emails. 
right now there's only anger, confusion, turmoil.  what to do?  I can't leave because i'm severely handicapped and not prepared to give up my house and land with a knock-down/drag down/tooth and nails kind of fight.
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WTF Dude. Have some self pride. Kick the to the kerb

accidents happen all the time, who knows, you complain enough to the right ppl.

I'm sorry to hear that about your marriage,I believe Karma will catch-up with her.Most of these guys are just looking for a quick sexual encounter on POF,I think alot of them are married.Just my opinion.Yes,it sounds like she uses men as toys,maybe she's a Golddigger..I would ask her why she is doing this to you in a calm manner,If the women is the guilty party,you have every right to keep your property.I would talk to a lawyer first,no man deserves this kind of life.

yeah well now she's hooking up with some guy too - they're meeting for dinners/walks in the park etc, but if I catch them in my house having sex, I'm not sure what I'll be capable of doing. I should have known - after all I'm her husband # 4 or 5 so she goes thru men like nobody's business - but I thought I was special. shoulda known better.

Been there just hang in she is the crazy one.You marry for life and death why she can't talk to u? If u r afraid to say anything all I can say is pray hard and alot it does help. Sorry for ur hurt cause I have been ther.