Is She Telling the Truth?

I confronted my wife and asked her if she was cheating on me.  I asked her this because of things that I found.  She said that she is not, but the reason I found these things (more on that later if anyone cares) is because she wanted me to find them.  Why you may ask?  Because she got an idea from this website that she should have someone text her and have her send texts back to him in the hopes that I would see them and I would get so angry that I would admit that I am cheating.  She thinks I am (which I am not) and this was a supposed "ploy" to get me to admit it.

I don't know if I should believe her.


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call her bluff, tell her you have proof and she should come clean,if then she confess it was a trap for you be nice to her she needs more of your love. if on the other hand,she admits her affair then ether toss her or try to work it out. I find once trust is gone so is the love.

So true - you have to have trust or there really is not much else in the relationship.

You should be grateful you have such a wonderful woman in your life. She should not have to cheat. You should encourage her to be herself. If that includes being with another man or woman occasionally that should make you happy. In the meantime you might want to learn to be a better lover. Maybe she would not need sex outside of marriage.

I think your partner has low-self esteem and self-worth issues :/ <br />
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By the way -- how did everything go between the two of you?

And that is probably just the start of it...

Be smart: ask her for the name of the web site and see for yourself if it give's that type of advice...

Every wife should either cuckold her husband or make him believe she is. A little competition does wonders for a male's attitude.

My wife cheated on me back in college, and I liked the way it made me feel. It made me a better man and a better lover.

Maybe she just needs someone else. Ask her if she like like a ********* or if she would like you to watch her and another man. You may both actually enjoy the experience. Good Luck.

LoL, your account name says it all, eh?

This is probably years late. If my wife was cheating on me, I would want only 3 things. To know before she goes, for her to tell me everything when she gets home, and for her to let me have sex with her after she got home.

Thats to funny you freak

Usually the cheater will accuse the other spouse or lover that they are cheating. It is a ploy to take attention from the affair. If you have reason to believe she is and have evidence be strong and say you are not happy and want out. Why suffer. Face reality. She might come to her senses.

She is or wants to cheat on you.

Wow...seriously..there should not be this much distrust between you both.<br />
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Although I do not know what reasons you have specifially for believing she is cheating on you..or her for you..I do know that worrying about each other cheating to the point of obsession..will wreck your marriage. If you have given her NO reason to distrust you or signs that YOU could have cheated on her and she is just now coming up with this for the first time..she may be lying to you. If this is something she has accused you of or suggested before now..and may be a valid reason for her to be doing may have a different answer.<br />
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Hope this helps! Good luck!