Found A Secret Email Account Of My Wife's

I found a secret email account of my wife's expressing her lust for our son's soccer coach named John. I suspected she had a crush on this guy, she lied and said she didn't. I just confronted her with this email. Here are some excerpts from the email... "I've been seeing John pretty regularly. Even going by his house and he comes and gets in my car and we just ride around. Nothing physical but long lingering looks that make you think they're going to end in a kiss, but then they don't.... But things at home are getting better and Ed is trying really really hard.  John and I got in a huge fight this weekend (soccer related) and we're not speaking right now. So who knows....." and more... "definitely 2 very volatile tempers. i think if we were together we'd kill each other. probably have great sex before that though!" There were more emails talking about learning to flirt again and her lust for this guy. I have to stop and let you know that my wife has always been a person that did the right thing. She has always been a motivation for me to do things right. This is the first time since I've known her that she has done anything untrustworthy. I think this is why it hurts me so much. After confronting my wife, she has downplayed the who situation. She claims that nothing has happened between her and john. She is he team manager of the soccer team, so she is always on the phone with him. I really don't like this. She won't even admit that she has lust for the guy. Only that she is sorry she made me sad. She keeps telling me she doesn't know what to say. She can always talk to her friends about almost anything, but struggles to talk to me. I am only asking for honesty. I want my marriage to work and be better than ever. I have feelings of guilt that I let this happen because I wasn't there for her enough. But if she can't even admit there is an issue, how do I resolve this and move on. I could forgive her if she went and had a one time sex affair. I am just in constant fear that she has something for this guy that she won't tell me. She says she loves only me and that she wants a better marriage. I do too. But the words from the emails seem to haunt me. I have been working very hard to help my wife as much as possible and to create a better marriage and family life. It is my top priority in life. I show my wife as much love and attention as possible. Sometimes I worry that I try too hard. I just love hugging and kissing her and saying how much her and our family means to me. I do get horny for her a lot too. My sex drive is greater than hers. But I try not to pressure her. As a guy you sometimes have a HARD time controlling certain parts of your anatomy. So I get a lot of erections when I am close to her. My only solution to not be so horny for her is ************, which makes me feel guilty. But I don't want my wife to think I just want sex from her. So it is the lesser of two evils. So I am trying to move forward and make my marriage happy and fulfilling. But there is a constant worry that she can't get this other guy out of her mine. I try not to show this fear as we work toward happiness. It really helps to hear other women's perspective and to make friends with people who have children and deal with issues in their marriage. I am sure there is a book with some expert, but it means more to here from people who are experiencing the same issues. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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Man up Edward. Reality is she is in the first stages of affair. I wonder whats happening now.

I am a tv producer and I am interested in talking to you. If you are interested in sharing your story on TV, you can email me at and I can send you my contact info

This was back in 2010. How are things now edward1961?

Well, they were just riding around together. That says a lot. If he were to try something she would have no doubt have done something at the end of those drives. She says in one of the emails that she got in a fight with John. Soccer related? What differences could the team Mom and the coach have. He runs the team she arranges the snacks. Sorry but things just don't add up.

Your going to have to admit to your crime of reading her email unfortunately to get her confesson, but if you think she is indeed cheating on you then it needs to be done.

She needs to first admit how she feels before you can fully get over it.

I feel fro you. I've been there, and I know what you are going through. I hate to say this, but you know that where there's smoke, there's fire. My wife was in the same situation (emails and all). If she is denying without any explanations, she has already done the deed. I cannot tell you what to do because I know that every relationship is different, but I regret not leaving. I stayed because of the kids. Here is what i did to get my answers: when i saw her "secret" email, I loaded a key-logger on the PC to record all key strokes. Once I got her email, I started watching all correspondence and when she was out of town, I sent an email to the guy pretending that it was her. He did not realize it was not her and proceeded to reminisce about their encounters... Once I had all the evidence I needed, I confronted her and she could not deny anything... Let me know if you want to talk. Good luck to you and hope it all works out for the best.

i hope nothing will confuses...i can read from yu,yur wife loves yu and yu 2 are great together...i never heard a man talks this way...i want to put yur personality in one word "Wonderful"

May your family grow and prosper :)

ok edward, why were you reading her email in the first place ? i understand your feeling but why can she not have a private self, do you have a private self that harbors your innermost feelings and desires, i think what she wrote was healthy and that she could stop at the lingering looks and the fantasy with the coach -- i think that what you have done is give her a reason to seek someone she can confide in because honestly her closest confidant (you) has sort of snuck around and swizzled around in her private outlet (email) ------ i realize the resentment that you have for her feelings , and the fact that you love her and dont want her to leave the scene, but in a way that sort of activity is a catalyst for an exit

You poor soul.

I have shared my wife 9 times but have never been the 'other' guy to have someone elses wife.

I like the way most guys don't openly humilliate the 'husband'... but my emotions... the 'kicked in the gut' feeling I still get when I see 'his seed' spilling from her, it is still there.

I remember the first time she went without a condom.... we only had three rules.... a condom, no kissing, no anal.

Those were reserved for me... for awhile.

The fact she dosen't use birthcontrol is another taboo for us... or for me. The first time with no condom I was fine with it, even wanted it. Wanted to see him *** in her, loved seeing the pleasure on his face. It was so ******* hot and exciting.... right up until I came..... he hadn't *** yet, but he was close.

Once I came.... the lust was gone and i was full of regrest imidiatlly.

THey were still coupled and he wasn't done and I wanted to scream "stop, stop, STOP!!!" but what could i do.... i saw her ***, i saw the look on her face... i watched his shaft as it went in and out of her body. It was my body i was letting him have.

He kept ******* her and I watched in slow motion the grimice on his face as he held her hips tight... as she clung to him... going deeper that he had yet to go.

I could see his *** cheeks tighten as I knew he was about to ***.

My **** was soft, my jaw was slack, i literally felt as if i would puke.

He made a noise and I watched his face again.... he opened his mouth and ''uh, uh, uh, uuuuhhhhhh" came out as he shot his seed into my wife.

At the foot of the bed I could see his nuts.... very tight in thier sack.... hit my wifes ***. His balls were pulled up tight and I could see his shaft at the exact point where they were connected... where they touched...

I saw the white-ish cream form on his shaft and as it lathered up I knew his seed had invaded her. I expected her to tell him to stop.... she didn't... she just clung to him and helped him through his massive ******.

His strokes became very short... almost nill, but the way he was pushing, thrusting his ***, pushing deep into her.... i was sick.

And her... at that point, at the apex of his climax... she came again, giving him more motivation to drive in deeper and harder. I know he spilled ever drop of his seed in her....

And she met him thrust for thrust as I watched.... my **** limp... the pain unbearable... I almost wept.

He didn't care.... he smiled at me like I should be proud of what he did.

As he pulled out I watched as there was a pause.... a moment in time where i saw the mixture of ***, his and hers, on his shaft.

Her opening was just For a moment I tried to fool myself and pretend it was only his pre-*** and her ***... just maybe he hadn't *** in my wife. Maybe he hadn't spilled his seed inside her body, broke a rule.... just maybe.... then it started to appear. His ***. It totally filled the opening, it was thick, viral, firtile, pleantiful.... as it spilled from her.

From my wifes ***** ran his ***, slowly at first, just moistening a trail down her inner thigh to her ***... then it got thinner as *** does... and it ran down the cheek of her ***. I think she started to raise up or move or something... because there was this very thick, clump of a glob of 'his' *** that came running out of her *****.... and down her ***... to our bed sheets.

Thus every time I see the 'cream pie' for a breif moment, I flash back to that first time... the pain, the humiliation comes flooding back in... and once again I feel the kick in the gut that only a man that has shared his wife knows

Please comment and let me know if you liked this... if you have felt my pain message me or before you consider sharing her e-mail me at

I know you love her but you need to bit the bullet and drop her *** like a bad habit and I mean sooner rather than later

What is eating you up?

Is it the fact that she is lusting for another man? Most married women do that regularly!

Is it the fact that wrote about it? Many women keep a diary where they express their most private of thoughts.

Is it that you know about it now? Are your feeling a little guilty about reading her private e-mail? If it had been her diary would you feel the same way? Are you thinking of HER when you pleasure yourself?

This really is an opportunity for you and your wife to get closer together. Being emotionally and sexually secretive detracts from intimacy. Trust and honesty and acceptance are the best building blocks. Build on them until the day she can say to you: "That soccer coach really gets my juices flowing - make love to me now!" and in reply you not only will, but you will even role-play the situation.

Fantasy is fun.

dn't listen to this guy. he sound like a guy the dates married women