It Isn't The First Time But Her Time Is About Up.

My wife hit the midlife crisis stage very hard. She went to a motorcycle rally with one of her trampy friends and came back with a tattoo that some guy paid for. Then she went through the stage of going out to low life bars and coming home drunk at 3 or 4:00 a.m. every weekend and during the week. Next she startted staying home and drinking a bottle or more of tequila a day because her life was so boring. Now our youngest daughter who is 15 is upset because she overheard her mother talking sex with her new boyfriend and planning to meet him during spring break while I am at work and she is off. This is a great example to set for ones daughters. I only hope that they listen to me when I tell them that this is all wrong. Time will take care of things though, Once the youngest is safely established in college and I can retire, I am planning to find a quiet beach in Mexico. I don't think I will be buying her a ticket.

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She is just enjoying herself, get a life and just be there when she gets dumped, incipiently biker chicks get passed around!

Not to mention you need to kick her *** out of the house just to show her that you mean business and her behavior(midlife crisis or not) won't be tolerated anymore.

Get some evidence of her behavior so that when it comes to who gets primary custody she would'nt stand a chance in hell of getting them.

get proof she is an unfit mother and get your kids from around her as fast as you can. most courts let 15 yr old decide who they want to live with. just make sura you get good evidence. an plz don't think you are protecting your daughter by not putting her on the stand to say what she heard. kids are stronger when they feel they are helping to do the right thing

sound like a song in a country music station

Is this the wife who 16? Of course she's going to act like that, she is only 16!

Que sera'

This is tough to handle. If things do not straighten out, she needs help. Hope things work out.

Well, I confronted her about her boyfriend. First she said that she didn't know the guy, Then they were only friends. She was caling me during the day from his house while I was at work, pretending to be home. She wrecked her car, after she was supposed to be at work, on the way to meet him. I have his name, address, Vehicle registration and phone number. The telephone log does not lie. After thirty years of taking care of her, I deserve better. I think that it is time to start looking.

You sound like a great father and a good example for your girls as well. I'm sorry your wife is doing this, you don't deserve it. That beach in Mexico sounds wonderful........I hope you are able to find some peace in the mean time. Wishing you all the best! *hugz*

Your wife should be ashamed of herself for this behaviour. I hope your daughters what she is doing is not normal OR ok. Lots of women get through midlife without cheating on their husbands, becoming tramps, becoming alcoholics....<br />
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You sound a lot nicer than she deserves. I am sorry she is treating you like garbage. Sounds to me like SHE is the trash....nobody should have to put up with that. <br />
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I hope you find someone nice on that beach in Mexico :) Or maybe just avoid women for a while!