Business Trippin

My wife has been on a trip for her job since Monday, and I totally think she is getting laid. She went on the trip with another guy she admitted to having sex with before we met, and again while they were on the same trip while her and I were dating. I didn't even know they went together as she didn't mention it. I just happened to see a picture of the two of them on his Facebook page. Looked like they were in a bar, they are standing together in the picture with his arm around her looking really friendly... She was in a very low-cut silk shirt with obviously no bra underneath...

09/21/2012 update...

Picked up wife today from the airport... and while she was sleeping went through her suitcase. First I noticed that there were 2 garter belts and stockings in her dirty clothes bag, which she loves to wear during sex. At the very bottom of the bag was a plain black shopping bag with two black lingerie outfits, new and a receipt in the bag for them that had someone else's credit card number on it... also in the bag was a 3 pack black box of condoms with only one remaining. 

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And now that you know, how do you feel about it? she sounds like a very hot woman and must look fantastic in sexy lingerie - and out of it...

Once my wife called me and asked me to check a purse she had used the previous day to see if she had left her credit card in it. When I checked it I didn't find the credit card, but I did find a single condom. I had had a vasectomy years before, and we never used condoms.