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Some guys have all the luck. They have smokin hot wives and the wives know it. They parade around in sexy lingerie and all they guys that see them drool and want to make love to them and ravish them. I know because I am married to just such a hot wife. She is a model and all the guys that look at her pictures or see her on the runway drool and want to get her number. They follow her around like dogs in heat. And I am married to her. I am so lucky and thankful. The sex is fantastic every night, and we have been falling in love all over again. We have been married for 20 years and been together for 23. We almost had a mfm 3some...almost, and she said that it is one of her fantasies.

About 15 years ago we were living with a close friend of mine and he really liked her and she really liked him. One night my wife and I started to make love in front of the fireplace and he walked in and saw us. At first she was startled, but then she was ok with it. He came over to her and started messaging her feet and legs as she was giving me a blow job while I was at her head. Then he started rubbing her legs and ***** and she started writhing in ecstasy. He started sucking her ***** and she moaned and screamed in delight. We had not even penetrated her yet, but she was ******* like a river. Our hands were all over her body and her nipples were stiff and hard and flushed. She arched her back and came and came and moaned in delight. Then, just was we were about to penetrate her, the other guy chickened out and left the room. She was so upset. She wanted both of us, but we still made love like animals. She said she thought about the three of us as I pounded her, and she said her ****** was the most intense she has ever had. But that was 15 years ago.

Now we have been talking about having a 3some again. We have a secure and strong relationship and have been falling in love all over again. She is getting back into modeling again and we are setting up a cam model site for her so other guys can drool all they want. When we find the right guy, we are thinking of having a 3some. I live to please her, and seeing her have screaming ******* thrill me to no end. But, I have heard that once you ring the bell, you can't un-ring it. I don't want to do ANYTHING that will jeopardize our relationship. I worship her and don't want to lose her. So, maybe it should stay a fantasy for the time. Once we do it, our relationship will change forever, and I hope it will be for the better. In the meantime, when we get our cam site going, you guys can watch and drool. and Ooooohhhhhhh the fantasy continues.
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Smoking HOTTTT!!!!! You are one very lucky man.

being married to a hotwife is the most amazing experience any married male can have..
the highs is just mind blowing for both the hotwife and cuckold..

Marie & john

My wife is a model also. We have ********* fantasies, but we value discretion too much to move any further than a few close calls.

Great story maybe he could not perform because of your close friendship and not wanting to cause any future friction between all of you or because of religious reasons . Are you still friends?

No. Haven\'t heard from him or seen him in 15 years. That\'s ok. I don\'t cry over spilled milk. We still play out our fantasies, and tonight will be yet another one.

Wow sexy. Every relationship is different. Some can take it some get jealous others break up for other reason's. Everything's a risk.
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I also understand where ur coming from. Im with the most attractive woman I have found. We are on the same page sexually and love toys, fantasies, etc. One of mine being a mmf. She loves **** and has had mmf before, but believe it may have been a factor in causing trebles in her previous marriage and some friendships. So think we will leave that one a fantasy.....for now anyways ha.

Your wife is a sexy hot talented giving lover . you are a lucky man. i wouldnt want to ruin a 23 yr relationship for a 3 some. u cant unring the bell as you said. i think somethings should be left as a fantasy .

Don't worry, you won't ruin it. We all have our fantasies, and this one is played out every night when we make love. It doesn't have to come true, but it does in our head every night, and that's good enough for now.

good for you two !

And it could be good enough forever. You can both pretend it is actually going to happen and play it up, but never actually do it, because just as PSULLY said you can't unring the bell, and sometimes ringing the bell leads to the destruction of the marriage so why take the chance.

I agree.

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You are a lucky man indeed. To have a wife as lovely as your, who loves sex and loves to tease, you darn well better not do anything to screw it up. Unfortunately, you will never know until you try. Some folks it works out fine for, and some open the door and can never get it closed again. Best of luck, which ever way it goes. And thanks for the stories and visual aids. TWOF.

I know exactly where you are coming from.<br />
<br />
I'm still trying to understand why we feel this way.