We are fortunate to have a get-away house about 300 miles South where the temperature is always 10-25 degrees warmer than our home up North. We enjoy going there as much as we can, but with the busy lives, two jobs, kids and grandkids, we never get to go as much as we would like.

When I asked the wife what she would like to do for her birthday next week, she quickly replied that she would like to go South, play some golf, and relax. Well twist my arm, I thought, and readily agreed. A few days later, she asked me if I minded of her sister and her husband dropped by and had dinner and golf with us while we were there. As it is her birthday, I could hardly refuse, although I confess I had been looking forward to some alone time. So, being the dutiful hubby, I said “Sure, no problem” and even managed a smile that might have come off genuine if you didn’t look too hard.

So yesterday, out of the clear blue, the wife says to me “I hope we can get there early enough to heat up the pool, so I can swim naked before my sister arrives. I haven’t been naked in the pool for a long time, and I’m kinda looking forward to it.”

It was all I could do to not jump up and say that I was looking forward to it too! But I just smiled, and said “let’s work on getting away early, so traffic doesn’t slow us down and I’m sure you will have plenty of time. With the hotter weather, the water won’t take long to heat up, and you will have plenty of time, I’m sure.”

Problem is, now I can’t focus. I’ve got to get five days of work done in three days in order to pull this off, and every time I try to focus on getting some stuff done, all I can think about is my lovely naked wife sitting in the sun and swimming in the pool. Its like an image is burned to the back of my eyeballs, and its all I can think about. Its not like I don’t see her naked several times a day as we dress and shower. And it won’t be the first time she’s been naked in the pool. But its been a year or more, and the thought of her being outdoors, naked, sunning herself and cooling off in the pool, are a wonderful distraction.

I hope that once again, reality exceeds the anticipation.

TheWiseOldFool TheWiseOldFool
56-60, M
May 14, 2012