Saturday Morning

I love waking my wife up in the morning - after a night up late, a few drinks, a little dancing, good friends, took in a little live music, then home to a little sex before we drifted off to sleep.

There is just something about morning sex that is so sensual, so relaxed, so quiet, sort of a sensual laziness.

And when it’s morning sex, after sex night before…well, I have trouble even describing what that does to me. My wife doesn’t seem to mind either, oh how I love to make her ***.

I woke up before her this morning, doing my best not to wake her right away since I've inevitably woken thinking of sex. But after a bit, I couldn't myself and found my way down under the covers, my mouth seeking her out. All the while she was laying there drifting in and out of sleep, at some point I felt hands slide into my hair, her hips starting to rock, directing me. I take my time, sometimes flicking with the tip of my tongue, sometimes licking with my tongue flat, then other times pushing deep, searching out to taste last nights sex. Oh how I love her ***** like this! Such a turn on.

She knows I love this, she even realizes that I sometimes imagine that it was someone else she had been with the previous night before coming home to our bed. It’s just something she understands, not something she talks about or even overtly acknowledges. Occasionally I wish she would talk about it, tease me with it ... asking me if I can taste it, telling me to get it all, feeding me the *** she has there for me.

She came very hard like this, two fingers deep inside of her, another deep in her ***. My mouth suckling on her ****. Her ****** never fails to leave me hard and ready.

At that moment I am beside myself, even as she is sated. I moved up to slide up and down through that smooth slipper wetness, teasing, rubbing, watching, the I slid into her, slowly slowly, she was still tight from her contractions, that moment of entry is always exquisite. Once deep into her, I told her how I could feel it all around my ****, so warm and wet. I look down at her body, her breasts, her tummy, her hair on the pillow, the morning light filtering through the blinds. Paradise.

That is an amazing feeling, to be deep inside of this sexy woman of mine. The *** still deep inside, surrounding me, "feel how hard that makes me." I asked. Not one for words, she reaches around and squeezes my balls as I begin to pump her, then she slides a finger into her ***. When she does this, I can feel it rubbing against my **** as I **** her. I imagine it’s another **** I’m feeling, rubbing against mine. That's when I came. Sooo hard, toe curling ******, adding more *** deep inside.

We come down, and she got up to start the day before I can lower my mouth to her again. Sometimes she’ll let me have my fill and I can coax one more ****** out of her as I clean her up.

She's pretty passive sexually, I have this desire at these times for her to push me over onto my back and lower herself down close to my face. To show me what she has there for me, to tell me what to do. I want to feel her rocking her ***** over my mouth, talking dirty to me, making me clean it all up.

Obviously I do have some submissive tendencies, I do want her to take control sometimes, other times I want to take her, love her, use her. I spend all day directing people, making decisions, sometimes I want to be absolved of all decisions. I want to learn my limits - I do know they are a bit deeper and kinkier than my wonderful lady will ever take me. But alas, hot as she is, this is not her. I still love her dearly.

daltxn daltxn
46-50, M
1 Response Oct 27, 2012

What a hot and wonderful story! Just keep loving her and letting her know how beautiful she is. She may surprise you. --DW