I Don't Think My Wife Is Hot!

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt she's HOT!

Now, she will take issue with it, of course, but that doesn't change a thing. Like most people, especially women, she sees all of her faults.  We all have them but rather than focus on what we see as negatives, we should look at all the good things about ourselves.  In her case, there are twenty-somethings that should have a body as good as hers!  She takes care of herself and stays in good condition all of the time.  Her sex drive has slowed somewhat but she can still give a guy a good romp in bed!  She's nearing retirement, which means she'll have more time to catch up on some serious sex!!!

I've been enjoying her for over twenty years now and she still turns me on with her voice and her body.  She likes to be naked as much as I do, so we're always touching each other, even when we're not in a sexual mode.  I love walking up behind her, reach around to cup her breasts in my hands, fell my **** between the lobes of her butt, and run one hand down her tummy to cup her mons.  Even at my age, I feel my **** starting to stir when standing with her like that.  She's always ready for my gentle touch, then lets me know when it's time to get more serious.  She loves a lot of oral attention and I love to give it to her!  After I help her *** by licking her ***** and ****, I slide my hard **** inside her, pumping until I fill her ***** with my ***.  Then, we lay together holding each other and sleep.
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Yes, a woman's body is definitely a thing of beauty. Every soft, sensual curve is amazing. I love them all. Every woman's body is beautiful. They are such a pleasure to see, to explore, to taste, and to smell. So many woman think that they need to look like this or that to be beautiful or that no one would love their body because of this or that. They are completely wrong. It is all the little differences that set them apart from all the other woman and make each beautiful and interesting. To me the least sexy and beautiful bodies are those that belong to models with 'perfect' figures. There is nothing unique or sexy about them, they are all just cookie cutter, fake looking. A real girl next door is infinitely hotter :D