Expensive Taxi

I was just relaxing in front of the TV drinking a beer when my wife Bev comes in, in a bit of a state, asking me if she could borrow forty pounds. 'What for?' I said. 'Wendy's pissed herself in the taxi and the driver's demanding an excess charge.'
Now, as I wrote in a previous story, my wife has always really preferred women, and she's being going into town with Wendy quite a bit lately. It turned out that they had been to a gay club, found a booth for a bit of kissing and cuddling but Wendy had drunk too much. She's not used to drinking pints (unlike Bev) and she wet herself before the taxi reached home.
Normally I would have argued with the driver and 'negotiated' a reduction but I found this such a turn-on. Poor Wendy was extremely embarrassed. She had a large oval wet patch on the back of her trousers which gave me a real hard-on. She quickly disappeared in her house just a few doors up the road.
I expect when I see over the next few days she will go bright red, and probably beg me not to tell anyone. We'll see!
That night Bev told me a few similar stories about when her friends have had little 'accidents' and I'll try to recount them on the appropriate forums.
zak949 zak949
51-55, M
Jul 28, 2013