No Holes Left Untouched.

It starts with me laying on my back, she starts exploring my **** and by exploring I mean she slowly start to lick my inner thigh. Slowly she lick closer and closer to my balls. Then she kiss them and slowly swirl her tounge around them, in between them. Then she does slow, small licks up the shaft, swirling her tounge when she get to the head and then slowly back down the shaft to my balls. she takes one in my mouth and roll her tounge around it, then the other. Then she release them and slowly roll her tounge up my shaft to the head and swirl her tounge around the head and then with a sudden movement she deep throat me release and deep throat again. she grabs my hard **** with her hand and put the head in her mouth and up and down with her hand and mouth until i start moaning with delight. When i can't take it any more i push her off me and she gets onto all fours and i thrust myself into her already hot wet ***** and slam her once, twice, three times...Oh My God she screams "I am ******* so hard", i put my thumb in her *** and loosening her up so then she says to me "**** me in the ***" i grab the lube, lube up and thrust myself inside her ***. Frantically pumping her as she is moaning and rubbing her ****....*** inside my *** she pleads and i put a hand on either side of her hips and pull her to me hard and fast. I start pumping her *** so hard and fast you can hear the slap of flesh on felt so good she can hardly stand it, rubbing her **** harder and faster, "Give it to me she moan" And then with one last hard pump i explodes inside her ***. she falls face first onto the bed and i on top of her, i roll off onto my side and she rolsl up against me in the spoon position and i drap my arm over her and we fall fast asleep....
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May 6, 2012