My Wife And Why She Needs A Good ****!

There are plenty of experiences surrounding watching wives **** other men and all that. However I create this experience because what I am thinking of is slightly different. Yes, I want to watch my wife with other men, and yes I get very turned on by this. But there is more to this story than that. Let me explain.

Prior to our marriage my wife was very sexually active. She pretty much did it with anyone she wanted to. In fact she late confided to me that she ****** three men in one day, even though she was married at the time. (Her previous husband was one of the men and was aware of what she was doing but didn't seem to care.)

When I wife told me this I immediately got a hard-on! It was the most arousing thing she had ever told me and the thought of her ******* three guys in one day was very erotic. My mind was filled with the images of her ******* each of these men and having them all *** inside her. (She always went bareback and I guess it's only by luck she never got anything other than pregnant.) But that's for another story.

The bottom line is that my wife was a highly sexed and sexual woman. However very early in our marriage it became apparent that her sex drive was far greater than mine. She was used to sex every day, and often more than once a day. On the other hand, I was simply not able to perform at that level. I adored her and absolutely loved having sex with her, but I was generally satisfied to do this on a less frequent basis than she was accustomed to.

And therein lies the root of this problem. I was simply not able to satisfy her. One day after making love my wife turned to me and said in an accusing way, “Can’t you make love more than once a day?”

It was then it really hit me. She had always been very sexually advanced and experienced. And it was readily apparent that no matter how much I loved her, I would never measure up to the sexual performances she had gotten from men in the past.

This hurt. But over the next few days I started thinking about this is a new and somewhat frightening way. I started to wonder about her previous sexual encounters and as I did I found myself getting surprisingly aroused. For some reason the thought of my wife being with other men became exciting to me.

Over the next few days this thought grew into a full-fledged fantasy, one in which I would watch while my beautiful wife have hot sex with other men. In fact I would get so turned on by this that sometimes I'd get an instant erection. However even though this was something that clearly turned me on my wife would not play along, not even to do some role-playing that did not involve anyone but us. I would want her to whisper to me about getting ****** by her ex-lovers and how she would want to do them again, but except for short one-liners in which I told her what to say she would not cooperate. Thus over time our sex got less and less frequent and I was left feeling inadequate and 'perverted' for having such fantasies regarding the women I loved more than anything else in the world.

So here we are many years later and things have not improved. However I have since found that my desires were not as uncommon and weird as I had once thought. It turns out many men feel the same about the women they love. I'm not talking about the traditional cuckold fantasy of humiliation and submission. I'm talking about the pure joy it would be to see the women we love being thoroughly pleased sexually. My wife's pleasure and happiness transcends any other considerations.

With this insight I have come to the conclusion that one way or another I have to make sure this beautiful and sexy woman gets ****** hard by another man - one that she would choose and approve. I am certain that once she has such an experience and sees that this will not threaten our relationship and only make it stronger, that some of your inhibitions which have surfaced over the years would melt away in the glow of sexual satisfaction and desire.

I feel largely responsible for what has happened to her sexual desires and would like nothing more than to give this gift back to her and show that she is still a beautiful and desirable woman that other men would want to use for their own selfish pleasure.

And that is why I think my wife needs a good ****. It's the least I can do.

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I wanna eat her out

Stop being lazy and train your ****. It's obvious she loves you and wants you and only you. So man the **** up. Train your ****. I used to have that problem now I'm a one man gang bang.<br />
<br />
Her first ****** is cockless. Use toys, hands, tongue, etc. My first might come before or after her second inside her. She gets more cockless pleasure while I recover. My next wood enters her. She gets a few more ******* before i get my next.<br />
<br />
A woman's first ****** takes more time than the second. Each one after that takes less time until she is completely ****** out and satisfied. A man's first ****** takes the least amount of time. Each one afterward takes more and more time. You can train for the first one to take longer. You can cheat and jack off before you get with her.<br />
<br />
Do your own duty and bone your own!

Husbandofm: you speak in the precise language that expresses the feelings of so many of us who have beautiful wives but who are reluctant to **** other men;. It's the ultimate paradox; why are they unwilling to do that which will make us love them even more???

Bravo,another man who gets it,and honesty in a marriage is always the best.I know so many other women who tell their husbands just what they want to hear and I find that disgusting.Men:listen up,there are women who are far more sexual than you may be,It doesn't make them less of a woman it makes them real,not a myth..Listen to your wife and let her know you want to know the real her not the madeup version,<br />
Nice story and thanks for sharing..;-)

I think she does too!

I think she does too!

"I am so excited by watching and listening to my wife in the throes of ecstasy, that whenever she starts moaning or becomes obviously excited during intercourse, I become so immediately aroused that I need to completely stop thrusting or I will *********."<br />
<br />
That is exactly my problem too. This is why I would like to see my wife with another man so I can enjoy her pleasure without ******* too quickly and ruining the experience for her.

I am so excited by watching and listening to my wife in the throes of ecstasy, that whenever she starts moaning or becomes obviously excited during intercourse, I become so immediately aroused that I need to completely stop thrusting or I will *********. This means that whenever my poor wife starts to build to an ****** I have to stop giving her stimulation or just go ahead and ***. My sweet wife never complains, (thought sometimes she does tease me a little). She has told me that quite a few of the men she has had sex with during our marriage have also quickly ********** soon after pushing their hard, throbbing ****'s into her soft, wet, willing *****. Diane says that she looks at their quick ******* as confirmation that these guys truly find her sexy and appealing. My wife truly and honestly would place more importance on her partners sexual satisfaction than her own. That trait also is apparent in our "normal" life. She really enjoys doing things for other people, and finds fulfillment in making other people happy. <br />
But sometimes, Diane would come across a guy who could deliver a hard, aggressive ******* and last long long enough to give her intense ******* with his ****. She met up with one of these guys by the name of Jeff at an out-of-town trade show that she would go to twice a year. They would hook up every time they attended one of these functions and my wife would receive the kind of ******* that she loves and deserves. Jeff was a master at the "simultaneous ******". He could bring Diane to a mind blowing ******, timing his own so that he would be *********** as my wife spasmed in ecstasy on his amazing tool. I have an audio tape of one of their trysts that is so ******* hot! In it you can hear my wife moaning… “I’m *******……I’m *******…oh, Jeff, ….Jeff,…..fill me with ***…..ohh Jeff,….Jeff,…..ooohhhhhhh…..god!” You can also hear Jeff loudly groaning as he is ******* deep inside her. I know my wife deserves this kind of ******* and I'm so glad that she has been able to experience it with the help of other men. It's nice to know that I'm not the only guy that feels this way……david.

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My wife was a **** before we got married. I can't keep up with her sex drive but want to see her have sex with other men, She often tells me she needs 3 men at a time, one ater another to **** her. I hope we can find some guys

Great explanation. I think many feel this way.

I totally agree with curioushusband. I find the same thing with my wife. She will almost do anything if it came through her way, but tend to resist any suggestions for play coming from me. I think somehow they wonder whether it is a test, or whether this is just a fad which will backfire at some point, or whether it means we are less interested in them as they are without a third party. <br />
<br />
In my case, I don't want to see her with another man, but like to see her seducing or being seduced, or grabbed or her body felt by a stranger and end of game.

Woman are funny when it comes to having sex with other men, well lets call it complicated. If some woman think it is your idea then they for many reasons will say no, maybe because they are shy to have sex in front of you or see them with another man, maybe because she doesn't want you to know her real desires and maybe just because you push a bit and she resists. I have seduced many a married woman, message me and maybe I can help you out if not by seducing your wife, maybe by giving you some other ideas to get her interested and or into her head to find out what the real reason is that she is saying no ! good luck my friend !

absolutely correct I have a beautiful sex wife like me Helen is a sexual submissive, and we have shared a live in stud who used us both in kinky way out sex. See the first part of my story, must add to it!