My First Double...

I have had a lot of MFM **********, but my very first was right after I started getting into playing with guys other than my boyfriend.  He had a lot of swinger friends and we went to a lot of house parties where crazy stuff happened.  Finally I had decided I wanted to join in on the fun and I started playing with other guys at some of the parties.  During this particular party I had been a good girl and was by my boyfriend's side for most of the night.  While going to get a beer two guys walked up to me and started talking.  After a few minutes one of them said that it was their fantasy to both *** inside a girl's ***** at the same time.  I had no idea what that even meant, but I found myself really tingling with excitement.  We snuck upstairs and found a bedroom and went in.  We undressed and the guys took turns going down on me while I blew the other.  A few minutes later the guys were both hard and my ***** was nice and wet.  One of the guys laid on his back on the bed and told me to climb on.  I love the moment just before a stranger gets their **** in me, so I slid around on it for a few seconds before finally getting it inside me and taking the whole thing in.  I ground my ***** into him for a couple of minutes while the other guy *********** and watched.  Then the guy under me pulled me really close down to his chest.  He kissed me and held me tight so I could lean up.  And then I felt the other guy moving behind me.  At that moment I found out what they meant!  He was sliding his **** into me while the other guy was still inside me!  I had two strangers ***** in me at the same time.  I nearly exploded on the spot!  My ***** was (and still is) pretty small, so the sensation wasn't that spectacular for me.  Almost to the point of being uncomfortable.  But the thought of me having two ***** in my ***** at the same time was sending chills all over my body!  I'm not sure how the guys coordinated it so well but after several minutes they both whispered in seperate ears that they were about to ***.  And then they both exploded at exactly the same time!  The guy above me slumped over into me and we all stayed fused together for a couple of minutes as their *** swirled around in my *****.  Finally the guy above me pulled out and then I stood up.  As you can imagine, a gallon of *** gushed out of my *****.  We gathered up our clothes and snuck back downstairs!

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well done great story. once again you made my **** hard. thanks for sharing

What an awesome story. I haven't been inside a woman with another man since my early 20's. This brought back some great memories, and gave me a big hard on.

Now that was an absolute HOT read! I'm super hard now!!! :D

MFM are the most erotic sexual experiences

I just join in, and I am always reading your stories, fantastic. More power and have fun

Great story Oasis. My ex wife also enjoyed having myself and a friend of ours in her at the same time as well. He was smaller than me, so she would usually get on top of me and he would get behind her doggie style. She could take both of us without any problems and she loved the feeling of being so filled. <br />
My buddy and I liked it also:)

Yes, very hot, just like you. We tried it some time ago, but we where all a bit clumsy, so didnt get it right. Also we had a problem with getting both of them in as my our friend and myself are quite well endowed. We will try again on another occassion with a lots of lube and a friend with a smaller piece. We will do it though. Enjoyed your story, enjoy you!

Damn I wish I knew you when I was driving over the road. I use to go to your area alot, I may have to take a road trip down your way next summer.

Fantastic story my Wife would love to do it as long as its with our next door nieborough as she has the hots for him,we have discused and she is up for it .last week she gave him a blow job while I watched then his wife gave me one it was great .I will try to film it .

great ******* hot story oasis...i love the idea of how the 2 guys were just talking about it and you were simply curious as to what they meant that u had to try did it feel??? i bet having those 2 throbbing ***** and all that *** inside you must have made you so damn wet!! wish i couldve been a part of that. thanks for sharing.<br />

Absolutely, I do. Because it's a new experience for her and she wants to feel comfortable. Most women are more turned on by guys they know well and are comfortable with. We're turned on by a person's attitude, charisma, charm, as much or more than just a body of flesh. It's a good deal more rare to find women that enjoy sex with complete strangers over someone they have some sort of emotional ties to. It sounds like she's willing to try new things and she's already picked out set it up!

Oasis, she has already told me which buddy. He best friend's husband is my best friend, and he is the one she wants. I'm ok with it and his wife is hot too. Me and her have flirted some but never tried anything. I am planing on flying them down for new years and my wife and her girl friend have already planned on experamenting together on each other. I'm hopeing this could be an open and wild night of anything goes, but too afraid to push anything. <br />
<br />
I'm not sure why either because the idea is new to me, but the thought of seeing her having sex with another guy really turns me on. I'm not sure why though.... One thing is for sure, I get off on seeing how much fun and pleasure she has and I've never been the jealous type, so maybe.<br />
<br />
Do you know why she would prefer it only be with my buddy though instead of a stranger???

That's a good start SF...ask her which of your buddies she finds attractive and start asking your friends if they'd be interested. Making her comfortable her first time is key. If she doesn't enjoy it, it's unlikely she'll try again. And XXX, I don't even get the webbed feet comment...

That sounds like one hot experience. I'd love to put my girl in the same possition. She has only been with me and we've been together 12 years, and she is curious if other guys do things the same as me. I told her it would be hot to have a MFM night and she is ok with the idea, but only wants to do it if the other guy is a close budy of mine, that she knows and trusts. Not sure if it'll ever happen though, only time will tell!!!!

I've actually only done double vaginal a few times. It gets uncomfortable for me so I've only done it when guys really really want me to. Otherwise, I prefer to do DP.

VERY very hot experience. I have been inside my lady's ***** with another **** several times. It is HOT!