My Wife Banged By Someone Else And She Did Not Know I Was Watching

we went to a party and she was dancing with one of her collegues . she did not realise i was watching and i saw her disapear towards the car park. it was late so he pushed her against the bonnet and turned her aroundand next minute he was in her from the back. i hid and watched the whole thing. that was my big break cause wen i got home i told her i saw the whole thing. i now get to treat her like a **** when we are busy and she luvs it.
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5 Responses Jul 9, 2012

I would love if I saw my ex wife doing what you saw what a turn on

I would love to have that happen with my wife. I have gotten guys to try and see if she would but not so far

IT is okay man if you both enjoy it

lucky man!

What was her reaction when you told her you saw?