Fun Shopping

My wife and I were shopping at a local Wmart and stopped to look at the new summer fashions. She was wearing cutoff levies the 80s kind that fit around the waist and perfect on the but ( y'all remember those? ) her top was a little white shirt that tyed just above her belly button then buttoned the rest of the way up.she always left the top two undone but the others would soon pop lose themselves. She knew I liked that so she would just let it go.well she was a few rake's away from me I pretended to be looking at clothes myself but I was doing more watching her.she has small perky breast that were almost completely exposed every time she moved her arms just right. . Then this guy approached her and actually told? Her that her top had came undone. He wasn't crepe about it or nothing he was a nice looking guy a dressed nice. He kinda looked like he had just left church. Thay chatted for a few seconds as she told him that it wouldn't stay so she quite trying but thanked him for his concern
. He then walked away but not so far that he couldn't watch her. He then pretended to be looking at clothing himself but every time she would move he wasn't far away. It was obvious he was getting off on the free show. I just kept my distance and was trying to contain my oun erection.then she looked over to me and spoke to me and I geus he realized we wear together and in a snap POOF he was gone. Later when we had sex I couldn't stop thinking about it. It was great!
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I would have watched too, and also took off when realizing she was with someone... who wants a fight... but if one of you had approached me nicely and asked if I liked what I saw, etc, it could have not ended there... ;-) But wow, yes, old cutoffs (especially when a bit TOO worn) and those loose tops exposing midriff and cleavage (when behaving, more when not), nothing under either - for me, is one of the most provocative ways for women to dress. Drives me crazy every time!

Great adventure, I love sexy shopping,

That sounds like a perfect top for her - and she wears it well! Fun story - hope there are more like that, and of course photos to go along with stories...

Good story. The guy telling her that her shirt was unbuttoned was so funny!