As Britney Says "Uh Oh He Did It Again"

Idiot brings the kids home from a family party and my son comes right to me to show me his boo boo. Yep another one... he bought them... wait, no, take that back, someone GAVE him a puppy. It looks like a Chow mix and HUGE for only three months old. I don't know all the specifics as usual but I can tell you it involved my son, a bone and the dog and now my son has puncture wounds in his hand and has already woken up three times yelling about the incident.

I cleaned him up and three band-aides seemed to cover the majority of it but I don't know where this dog came from and now that I think about it, he got me on day 2 when he came running over and tried to chew on my hand. It did get infected on my hand but it's healing now (thank you triple antibiotic).

Anyways, that's my new idiot story... Double GGRR!!

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Wow... I just read all four that you posted so far. Before I read them, I was about to be posting my own, and thought I'd read a few of what otehr members wrote, and I assure you, if we're having a contest of dumb exes, your dumbass blows my dumbass out of the water on the best of days. And trust me, that's saying something, because if my ex was just a little smarter, he's be a complete moron!

ohh goodness, you'll need to see my blog for how this is turning out. Just not good!

oh what is he even thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who das? Oh that's not nice to pick on others. LMAO (just kidding darlin')<br />
I'm gonna go with a big fat YES

does this guy have brain damage

He'll just show back up on your doorstep trying to give you one of there magazines

would they like another member? I'll send him right over! Maybe they could use him for a midnight snack?

Mine joined a cult... I think I'm still winning this one