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Today's stupid act...

Moron couldn't pawn off my children on anyone so he had to take a sick baby to do some side job. Well dumb *** misplaces the new, medicated, diaper cream from yesterdays visit. He tries to cover it up by telling me that she's just doing so much better that she no longer needs it. I got even... called him on speaker as I tried to change this babies burnt bottom and made him feel horrid (didn't know he had a heart). It worked because at 10 freakin' PM he finally brought it over. It was either find it or spend another $7 on a mini tube.

Next act for the day... I told him if she has stopped throwing up she could have the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast). What does he give a baby who hasn't eaten in almost four days and can't keep food down... Top Ramen Noodles! Wow the nutritional value alone just warms my heart.

Third was stupid but didn't hit me too hard. My son had class and he was to take him and ended up taking the baby too. Not a biggie but he also took his two nieces and all in a single cab, very tiny, pick-up truck. Had those girls riding in the back in rush hour traffic. I'm sorry but just not  a safe act.

Hopefully last crap act of the day (still have 30 minutes left) is telling me that I didn't speak up in his defense while we were in court. Apparently I was supposed to say "he can't work because he watches our children". I told him what I should have said was "he's a lazy **** that has to use my children as an excuse when in reality it was HIM that pulled them out of preschool"!! He didn't like my answer... hit too close to home... think I'll bring it up at the next hearing in May! He so dug that grave on his own!

So that's it that I can remember from today but I'm sure there are tons more.

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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

Oh damn girl..... Yeah - the Ramne Noodle thing?? I can see my ex doing that. He would feed our son cookies for dinner.