Sagittarius: Impulsive And Adventurous.

So my sign is a sagittarius and I really love being one! It fits me quite well, I have a taste for adventure, I can be blunt, or say things others won't (I like that about myself I think it brings flavor to situations), I'm pretty like-able, and I think others would say I have a natural sense of humor. I really do tend to genuinely like everyone, and I'm not vengeful or malicious. If you're not a fan of me, I'll pay no attention, sag's don't have time for people who don't care for them. I have a love for gaining knowledge through people and experiences as well. Gaining others trust is also not an issue, I often gain it fast and go into close relationships in short periods of time. Sagittarius people are quite smart. My favorite trait though is that I get over anger very fast, and forgive easily, fighting with people never seems to lead to anything more than a quick temper flair.

Some down sides though that cause conflict with others are that I tend to be, or seem, argumentative because I like to bring up different points, and will also fight if I think it's right! Especially with my Aries friends, it's a lot of heated discussions. Another one is insensitivity, I can come off a little cold or not understanding of emotional situations, I find it hard to communicate with people when they're breaking down. So I just don't really know what to say, or sometimes something seems so minuscule when it's not to the other person, so I 'don't really care.' I tend to not finish things either, and commitments aren't always followed through with. (I need patience from people with that trait.)

Speaking without thinking too happens a lot, impulsive is a good word.

We have some burnouts too, I tend to be really excited and energetic, then die down for a bit.

I also tend to gravitate towards compatible signs. My best friends are Gemini, Libra, Aries, and Leo, when we're all together, it get's pretty crazy. We're very social signs (maybe despite Aries who tend to be the least liked of the fire signs) so we love to be around others, meet new people, and do group activities/ adventure to anywhere we can.

The only signs I really haven't connected with, or made a friend or two with, are cancers and scorpios.
Cancer people (ESPECIALLY GIRLS!) tend to be fake, overly emotional, and rumor spreaders.
Scorpios are similar, they seem to lie, but worst of all they are insanely vengeful, and often too intense. I must admit though they are intriguing.

As far as relationships with other signs, pisces make up the rest of my friend group, I love them despite how much I dislike the other two water signs. They're imaginative, and really fun people. I tend to like them more then they like me though because I can easily hurt their feelings, but the pisces in my life know it's not personal.

As far as earth signs go I get along with them, despite Virgo's lying a lot, I learn to just call them out on it. They'll 'fess up if you do that :p.

All in all I really love my sign, and most signs! I believe in it to an extent though and don't let it run my life or choose who I'm friends with. It's just kind of fun to know and apply!
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1 Response May 7, 2012

Very well written I'm also a sag. had a Aries girlfriend maybe thats why it was so hard. Im thinking Libra next time