Ex Girl

Help on what's going on, we'll about 4 months ago my girlfriend broke up with because I messed up. And we have been together for 1 yr. and the day she broke up with me I was supposed to pick her up and I was late so she had to call her friend to come get her. And when I got back to her place she had my stuff packed and it took a little bit but she told me she didn't love me any more. So I fought it. And than left. Don't know what to do she was pissed. Soo I waited about two weeks to contact her, yes text. She texted me right back and tried calling me but I fell asleep. Oops what a way to go!! But I got back with her and she asked me if I had a job, and y I did what I did. So I told her and than waited a month to get ahold of her. But only cuz I thought she was having some guy call me makeing me think she was dateing someone else, crazy huh? But she texted me back no hassitation. And than calls and sayes what do u want from me. I said closere and she said ok. And started asking me questions again. Btw. When we broke up. I got an appartment. And when se called she keeps asking who I lived with. And telling me she done with me and if I got a job. Yes 2 of them. Now I kinda want to get back with her. U think I have a chance
Scottklos Scottklos
26-30, M
Dec 1, 2012