Being Libra.

Hello Everyone,

Yeah, I guess that being Libra fits me to a tee. I am indecisive some times. I do want peace in the world. I like my life to be equal on all fronts (But I know that one part of my life is always out of wack).

I'm trying to remember what else that is Libran about me. At this point I can't think of any. Can anybody else?

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Ethics,<br />
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I am good looking in a way. But yeah, I mentioned indecisiveness. But I also do weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision.

Argument loving yet at the same tym playing peace maker, weighing all the ups and downs before making a decision, Good looking..;),Social,Friendly..

Clanman,<br />
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Thanks. Well I do have a BFA in Drama that I haven't used. And I did write some Poetry. That is until I got busy with life.<br />
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As for intelligents, well let's just say that I am back at school learning new things.

intelligent, creative and artistic. But thats three!!!