I Know I'm Not the Only One...

who is missing her around here!

angeleyes2009 angeleyes2009
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5 Responses May 5, 2009

Floyd and MizzBlue, thank you, too. I appreciate your comments. I've been feeling a little puny all the way around lately, but I'll try harder!

Angel, you are so sweet to post this. A little birdie told me this was here. I'm back tonight and will try harder to be perkier in the days to come. Friends like you who post things like this sure help! Thank you so much! ((hugs))

I think she is wonderful too!! She is actually one of the first women on here that I met, and really loved reading her stories ...

Nope, I haven't got any news. I understand that everyone needs a little time away once in a while, but I certainly miss her and hope she's okay.l

I miss her like hell, she left even without telling why she was leaving. Hopefully she will be back after she gets over her illness which i think is the case she left, if you have any news please share it.