Try Explaining This to a Guy!

Yep, I had written a story on here, about how I use to have leg hair as a teen. And in my attempt to get rid of it, I tried the product called, "Nads". My best friend was reading the story out loud, stop and paused, looking into the webcam as if I was somehow being dirty! XD

No, it's not short for gonads! But that is a fair assumption! It's so weird... that a product for a woman's hair removal is also another name for a male's body part! I know the whole story behind it... The woman who invented this product has a daughter named Natalie. And she made this product for her. But she has nicknamed the poor girl, Nads! Hence the name of the product!

I bet it's difficult for this girl, with all of the puns and jokes that can be made from her nickname. Poor girl. :-(

But the name of the jar, it's so hilarious, especially when talking about it with guys! You get the quizzical looks of, "You used what on your legs???" XD

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1 Response Mar 25, 2009

LMAO Picturing you rubbing nads on your legs! OMG.. =P