Sorry Guys, I Still Love Ya

Anyone that has read my stories about me knows I have a serious affection for a certain part of the male anatomy. But I have to admit women being beautiful is beautiful to me. I am married to a man I have been in love with since the day we met. I love holding and kissing him, but a womens smooth skin and soft lips feel so good against mine. I can't say Im bi curious because I've been with women, I won't say I'm bi sexual either as I am married and I wouldn't want to take anything away from those that truly are. My hubby is not a hairy man, but he hates shaving so instead trims his facial hair so he always has stubble (its like needles). As much as I like men there is something entrancing about womens bodys.


The times I have been with women are amazing, it makes me understand how men feel when they are with a woman. Sucking and licking their nipples, the feel of their skin against mine, sliding down her body between her legs is intoxicating. Having a women do the same thing to me is a magical experience that I can't make a direct comparison to being with a man, women are just so sensual and soft in their aproach to a womans needs.



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5 Responses Feb 16, 2010

The female form is the most beautiful thing nature has to offer......:-) And you appear to be very blessed.....:-)

A woman body is a work of art!!!!! BEAUTIFUL & SEXY!!!!

Mich, I think it's just natural that women would be attracted to women as well as natural as I think it is, it's still very erotic to read about your experiences with women

OMG of course women are nicer to look at, they're the beautiful sex and we're the strong one, what the fuzz? I have never met a woman who hasn't been at least intrigued by the female form. join us at I CMNF for the ultimate twist: clothed male nude female, that sums things up.

Attitude counts