Sister In Law's One Night Stand With Two Guys

Went to a concert with my girlfriend and her sister in law. After the concert we bumped into this guy she used to work with and his buddy. We had a couple of drinks with them, but then my girlfriend and I wanted to go home. Her sister said she wanted to stay and catch up so we left her there with the two guys.

She didn't come home until the next morning.

She told my girlfriend all about it later. The three of them stayed in the pub until the place closed. They persuaded her to go back to their flat to continue the drinking. They started telling each other dirtier and dirtier stories, and somehow this lead to her agreeing to give them both head. She didn't plan to take it any further and got on her knees on the floor fully dressed as they got their ***** out and started stroking and sucking them. But in the heat of the moment, as she was on her knees playing with their *****, her workmate's buddy (who she only met that night) got up, got behind her, pulled her jeans and knickers down and slid into her from behind.

She said she ended up ******* both of them.

And the reason she ended up telling my girlfriend some of the details is because they didn't use condoms so she needed to go and get the morning after pill.
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She loved it. She comes across as quite a classy girl if you meet her, but she has had quite a few one night stands, and a couple of times has been seeing two guys at the same time without them knowing.

owww owww, naughty,bad girl! Did she tell your G/F that she liked it, or came a lot?