Yeah I am extremely negative when it comes to me.
Arorin Arorin
22-25, M
10 Responses Jul 21, 2010

which leads to greatness!

You are fluff that has been left too long in the dryer.

I am greatness.

What are you? A bird?

I can see it all up close too but i am good just like that.

People are their own worst critics. But you know what the problem is? Nobody can see the whole picture up close. Imagine a HUGE tv set. If you stand right infront of it...what do you see? The middle of the picture right? Now back up. Everything comes into focus aye? That is what we do to ourselves. It takes an outsider to see it all.

I wouldnt want my negativity to bring you down.

Moree likee alot. Youuur always so negativee about youuurself but don't worry i'm here to make it better babe. I love you mr. Arorin<33

There are a few topics where I am negative though.

Hm..You don't seem to be. You always say something like, "I'm awesome" or, "I'm so cool!" <br />