Thinking Out Loud...

I'd rather finish last for who I am than win being someone I'm not.

drcynic drcynic
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good for you.i wish ther were more guys about like you all,but we all online hey

and the funny thing is, i have actually had older women who have been through failed marriages and so on, say to me, that if they could go back in time, and meet someone like me, they would grab me with both hands and not let go!!! lol

Yeah... I had a friend who was like that. The poor girl finally let him go, but there was so much damage done. She goes for the same type of guys no matter how I warn her.

the thing i dont understand is when women take these guys back again and again!!! and you hear them say things like "he promised me that he will change"!! and thats what i dont understand, cos if you cant love someone for who they are in the first place, then how can you ever love them!!!! and i understand what your saying drcynic about the whole protection thing!!! its nonsense!!!!

Because I think most women equate being kind to not being able to protect them or something like that. Or maybe just not being strong enough or something. They don't realize that I've been in more fights than I can count and that I broke someone's jaw once when he was attacking his girlfriend.

I agree, I have seen way too many nice guys finish last. WHY is it that the arseholes always get more??

i agree totally!!! ive been told so many times that im too nice by women, but the same women go with these other guys that treat them badly, and they take them back again and again!!! im happy being who i am, and if any woman doesnt like me for who i am, then so be it!!!!

You have to live in your skin<br />
<br />
you can't hide from yourself<br />
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you are so right

I suppose sometimes they do, but it's a pretty general statement and it depends on the situation.. and the guy (or girl).