Not a Pushover

Just to start let me just say that I may be nice but by no means am I a pushover. My entire life I have been the nice guy. I have tried to change and have been told dont change dont ever change. Fact is I can't change its not in me to be an ***. Thing is Im alone alwasy. If there are women out there who actually want a nice guy then stop hiding. Thing is you dont exist its a myth cooked up to make nice guys think we have a chance.  Im tired of it just be honest thats all I ask. The worst thing in this world is false hope dont give that out. Maybe Ill give being an ******* another shot. If it works maybe I can spend at least one night not last or alone. 

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Don't try to become an **** just so you can win girls over. That is not the right answer. I can spot an **** from the get go, and indeed, at first, they seem to attract a lot of female attention, but they do not attract meaningful relationships, and them too are as unhappy as you are. The right answer is not to be an ****, and neither make an effort to be nice. Picture the **** that has got all kinds of women chasing after him, but know that in his private thoughts he's as miserable and lonely. You've gotta be true to yourself.

well like the title says Im not a pushover. If you want to win a fight with me then you have to convince me that Im wrong. Unless its physical then well you would an easier time winning that fight.

I agree with Animalia, its not the Nice ones that finish last, guys have to have a little bit of self-confidence, other wise the girl can walk all over you and then they dont feel challenged, which i dont really know why that has anything to do with it, i dated a super nice guy once, and actually ended up leaving him for an *******, who ****** two other girls and then actually started dating one while i was dating him.<br />
I think that its not the nice guys that finish last, just stick up for yourself in the fights thats all. I love nice guys!

I disagree. it has nothing to do with age, it has to do with mental and emotional maturity.<br />
<br />
Nice guys don't finish last (not with me anyway, but I'm taken now so I can't help you), but people who lack self-confidence do.<br />
<br />
Perk up fellas!

Nice guys need to look for older women. Young girls don't take interest in kind men, they need things to be more exciting and challenging. Older women, however, are ready to settle down and truly connect; they know how to appreciate nice guys

amen to that.. yall need to speak up ladies.. 2 last breakups was because I was "too nice" and quite frankly I feel like being an *** now even though I dont wanna be

then all i can say is speak up please we would love to hear from you girls

Nice guys don't finish last with me. Only I'm really shy so that's probably why I've not attracted the attention of a nice guy. I think that's the way it is for most girls who like nice guys.

in a way your right many nice girls thart are shy many times wind up with a quiet shy nice guy. before the girls that clawed their way past them in high school did but torealize that mr. nice guy are few in numbers. look at som of the responses for example here.
one guy states maybe he should turn to being a jerk to get a girfriend
some guys here have almost totally given up and think girls are just mean by nature(not true though) // there might even be some nice guys so jaded they'd turn to the dark side and go gay.
older women who overlooked the nice guys while young by the age of near 30's finally fiqure out that jerks are jerks and that can't transform them to nice guys lament
"WHERE HAVE ALL THE NICE GUYS GONE?" their either taken (by nice girls like you serena or by a girl who wised up early) ,// gay , or become total jerks