God Bless You All

Men  often say ,nice guys finish last. You are with the wrong person .After  choosing bad boys, women will realize they need a guy like you. Keep being yourself.I hear women say they WISH they could fin a nice guy. Where are you nice men hiding ?

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24 Responses Apr 16, 2008

I hope so!

I'll start the dang thing off..this better work!

Hehe...we shall see...

Yes dear ..I'm going to love this so blasted much....

Wow, that's a great idea! I think I'll try that...

I dare you Here and Now to open a story to auction yourself off..get ready for the stampede!!!!!! Too many for one ropinTexan? I'm going to say " I told you so".

I wish you would...I go to a college where there's a ratio of two girls to every guy, but they never really pay attention to me...would you mind coming to college with me and auctioning me off?

Ah, show up anyplace where there are girls! I swear I will auction you off one of these days!!

Listen, nice guys always finish last because they are polite and let their women finish FIRST!!!! That's what makes them so nice!

Show what up?

all the girls will like you..Just show up my man!

Hmm...do you know any girls that you could convince to like someone like me?

that's a good question..complicated. depends on 1.) if they have been hurt 2. )age if they want to settle down 3.) have they finally got it in their heads that bad boys are a pain in the butt.4.) Dad's can play a role in what a girl thinks is best for her.

One is hiding right here! So when exactly do women start looking for nice guys? I hope they do soon...

yeah, I don't care if he has a face only a mother could love.Lovable goes a long way..imagine being really loved.

Where ARE those nice guys?!?<br />
<br />
I'm ready.

the best of luck to you bquick

Big dog....everybody loves a big dog..a sweet hugable ,kiss ya on the nose big O' dog!!.

it doesn't matter as long as I place .....it is like jockey for positioning on people circle of friends....I just want to finish the race and place...

no no no Nice guys finish last. I love that about him.

I'm sure you will !

of course you too!

Nicely put ! bless all of them and send me one as well, lol

nice guys should finish first..the jerks should have their foreheads engraved with a warning