Don't Let Bad Girlfriends Ruin Who You Are!

Nice guys, please don't let bad girlfriends that may have taken advantage of you change who you are. I know so many girls who have let go of the greatest guys in the world for some loser who treats them horribly. Some girls are just attracted no good guys and you can't let that bring you down. There are plenty of girls out there (myself definitely included) that are looking for great guys. We know what we want and what's good for us and we'll appreciate every sweet thing you do. So whatever combination of nice, caring, soft spoken, sweet, flattering, accomplished, religious, romantic, faithful, un- stereotypical male you may be, you are special, rare, and appreciated. Nice guys finish first with great girls. After all, you don't deserve any less :)
Lilyag Lilyag
18-21, F
May 12, 2012