I Don't Think Guys Understand Me

I don't think guys understand me. I am not like a lot of other women. I like having my space and I do not like relationships that are suffocating. Guys always take this like I don't like them or care about them If i just want to spend an evening alone. I am also affraid of taking chances or big risks in relationships. My last relationship he pressured me just 3 months after we started daing to move in with him. We ended up together 2 years and I still never moved in with him. I loved him but he suffocated me so badly! Sometimes I think there is something wrong with me! I have lost him now because he got tired of waiting on me and I got tired of the constant pressure so I broke it off. Most women love all that attention but me I need space and hate to be smothered!
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3 Responses Feb 11, 2007

well i know how you feel with my last boyfriend it seemed like all he wanted was me with him all the time and i cant stand this i have to have my space because otherwise like you said it feels like im suffocating.....but see i also learned that i couldnt be anyone else but me i told him how i felt and he reacted just the way most guys do so you dont like me i told him that wasnt the case i just needed my space and he got mad we broke up..and then he told my sister in law that the only reason he wanted all that was because he wanted control of me and this i quote"so i could use her for what i wanted" and so im glad im that way..my grandad said that if you feel like that with someone it means that somethings not right and you dont trust them which is a warning sign that your instincts are telling you to get out!!!

I think only another woman could understand ur sentiments chick. Men like to commit for the wrong reasons and in doing so, sometimes they do cramp your space. And trust me I understand ur point about risk taking there are some real con artists out there and one thing u always have to take your time with is sharing a house and sharing money! I love my bf but even though i'd love to move in wid him its a big risk and if u can't handle it don't succumb to pressure. You go girl, u seem very sure of what u want and some day your better half will understand u for what you're worth.

I don't understand how most couldn't appreciate this. usually we are being pressured to commit or whatever is our lady's latest goal. Friendship and love is giving each the other the room to be ourselves while still being a part of each other isn't it?