This Is Me

I wish I knew what I did to make people hate me.It really is me.It has to be.Why else would people drop out of my life?I have never had a good friend.There are people who say they are my friends.Its 100% faced.They dont really.If they did I would be in their pictures they post on FB of their girl's nights out I am never invited to.Maybe they'd call out of the blue to invite me some place.I invite them and they have better things to do.A male friend's girl friend decided she liked my life so much she'd take it.Now she tells me my mother in law has told her that she does not like me and wish her son would have married her insted of me.My husband has not touched me in 3 months.He says he cannot stand my mother in law's friend.She also told me knowbody likes me.Looks like she was right.If I could afford to I'd leave my husband.The worst part is at one point my husband wasnted a baby.We found out I cannot have any more children.I have a 13 year old son from another man.I had him when I was 16.When I was a teenager I found a way to make people like me.I slept with them.That would not work any more.I had to "grow up" for my son's sake.I dont know what to do.I know I hate the way I feel.I have nobody I can talk to about this.I cannot even let my husband know this is the way it is.
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3 Responses Jul 18, 2010

You are so sweet.Thank you so much.Your friend request was the cherry on top!

You seem like a cool person... if a person doesn't like you they must be jealous of something you have.... don't let those negative people influence who you are....You are one of a kind and no one can take that from you... as for friends, you realize who your real friends are after high school... <br />
<br />
Hell if they don't want to be your friend, I'll be your friend :-) keep your head up....and always keep a smile on your face it heals the pain....

Thank you for your kind words.I feel that you are correct.I just have to throw myself into diffrent things and see how I come up.The current day to day is not working.More like its killing me.I was really ready to suck it up and gulp the happy pills (I have never been on them before).I'll give it another go before I do so.