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Nobody Ever Seems To Like Me

All my life, for as long as I could possibly remember, I have always been disliked from my peers.  Not to say everybody, but it's hard for me to make friends and it's hard to find someone who really does like me.  I have very few friends.  Pretty much more enemies than friends.

It never used to bother me before, but it's getting out of hand.  I had to leave my old school and go to a new one, for crying out loud!  Let me start at the beginning...

In elementary school, there were a lot of people that didn't like me, but there were also a lot of people that did so I didn't care about those that didn't because the ones I did balanced it out well enough for me.

Then my parents divorced and my mother and I moved to a different city, which of course meant new school (I was starting middle school that year) and new friends.  In middle school, oh my goodness.  That was very tough.  I had a hard time all throughout middle school because I couldn't fit in and the only friend I had for a while was the school bully who picked on me, but I put up with her because she was the only friend I had. 

Due to how badly I was disliked in middle school, before I got to high school, I decided that whatever was wrong, it wasn't anyone's fault but mine.  I didn't do anything to those people in middle school to make them dislike me so I decided that whatever it is, it had to be my personality.  So the solution:  Change and be anyone but who I am.  So before I got to high school, I worked on my personality change.

By the time I got to high school, I had already made myself into one of those happy, bubbly girls (because everybody likes the happy, bubbly girls) and it actually worked!  I was very well-liked...for a few months.

Then I don't know what happened.  It was like middle school all over again, only worse.  Like I mentioned above, I had to leave that school.  It was hell.

When I tell people my story, they say that the reason why they didn't like me is because I wasn't being myself, which I guess is true.  I wasn't being myself and maybe they saw through that after a while.  And it pissed them off, I don't know.  But I don't think it was just my fake personality change.  People disliked me way before that.  What would have been the point of changing my personality if I was well-liked enough already being who I was?  Obviously I made up a different more likeable personality of myself BECAUSE people hated the real me.  Simple logic.  So all that "Just be yourself" advice is actually bad advice in my case.  Being myself got me into this. 

The real question is...What is wrong with me?  What do I have in me that other people see and decide they don't like in the least?  I know it has got to be something with me.  I will admit, I'm a very sweet girl.  Very kind, friendly and big-hearted.  I'm basically a good person, but I'm pretty sure it can't be that everybody I meet is screwed up.  Surely it can't be that.  It has to be me somehow.  There has to be something wrong with me.  There just has to. There's something about me that people don't like.  I'm sure of it.  But what?

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I feel the same way growing up i didn't have any friends. I right now i have 3 kids, i work and i went back to school and still i don't have any friends only my kids. I am too a person that is very friendly, i care for oters but i don't understand why i am not approachable. I does hurt me sometimes and i can figure out why is that weird consequence.

Category #2: You Live In Your Head Too Much. I feel you. I had a similar kind of upbringing, where I wasn't liked and the only attention I could garner was to be picked on, so logically, I would make myself an easy target so I wouldn't have to face myself always alone. and it didn't do me any wonders. I, too, tried putting on a front that was totally distinct from my true nature, except I was very bad at pretending, so I was also seen through and subsequently not liked by my peers. As I went through the high school rite of passage, I clung to others who were not as perceptive to my shortcomings (trying to reconstruct a seemingly absent personality), but however, that messed me up quite a lot because I would pick up on their insensitiveness and brought myself upon all that that implies, on top of a personality that was exhaustingly superficial. Anyways, I always sought solitude as a means of escaping the reality of my social ineptitude (I am trying to resolve if I was raised by neglectful parents, or if there is something inherently off in me). What I am doing now in a sense is piecing together the shards of a neglected natural self, and it is taking time for me, and also a lot motivational and experiential endurance. It is because I knew from an early start that there was something not quite right with me, or that I lacked, that I was able to make it a central, active work throughout, and to seek the things and experiences that would refigure my life. I am constantly making physical, emotional, mental and spiritual rations for this journey. Good luck with yours.

I feel the exact same way. I've always been kind to people and somewhat truthful but not in a harsh way. I got this friend called Melissa and she became my best friend but then she had a gang so of course I would have to hang with them an after about a month I fell out with the gang and I tried to make friends but that failed as everybody seems to hate me. I wonder what I have done wrong. My mum says it's because people are mean and they get attracted to mean people so I tired that and it actually worked for a while anyway. The best thing to is focus on things you enjoy and do them at lunch and break instead of hanging out with friends, learn to have a carefree I don't care attitude and people will leave you be it works mainly for me.

that must be really tough having to deal with that fought all the time very sorry to hear that but on a lighter side my name is Raymond I'd like to get to know you if you'd like to chat please add me

tbh the majority of you are still. School so you have to much time to find at least one decent person to be your friend. I am almost 20 now. Left college and school a long time ago. Have one daughter and a son on the way, which in a way... Make you feel like you've got a friend no matter what but there are times when my kids can't party with me can't get drunk and take pics and have a laugh... Their my kids lol. All my life No ones really liked me. I had different groups of friends as I was growing up but no one ever stuck. In primary I had two friends and back then everything seemed alright til some new kids came to the school and started bullying me for having hair on my legs.. I was like seven. Then no one wanted to be my friend ofc' who wants to be mates with the loser eh?! But then I went to secondary and had a cute lil group of friends but never felt that the really liked me I was just a tag along and they were too nice to tell me to get lost. So after flitting from one group to the next I started to get bullied AGAIN by older kids. So I left that school and went to another where I vowed no one would bully me again. So changed. I was "hard" in the eyes of my class mates and tbh it worked for the two years I was there. People never said anything horrible , I was never left out and I thought I had real friends. Turns out as soon as my trouble making got me kicked out of school not one of my best mates sooketo me or met up with me ever again. Guess I was just like a body guard. They used me because they knew I would never let anyone say **** about my friends. But they ewe rent my friends. So then I went to college and found my one and only true friend Alice. Who I am still best mates with til this day. But one friend isn't really enough ecpecially when she doesn't like to go out or drink! But as I grew up I noticed I could only have one friend at a time. Like ... All of the other friends ,friends didn't like me. So I never got in to a group and then I wouldn't click with the first mate anymore. Since then mates have come and go but no one really cares. My fiancée had a ton of friends and now and none... And I believe it's because of me. His family don't like me. His friends don't like me. I have Jo friends of my own. I try to branch out with people I wouldn't normally talk to and even they don't see interested. People say why let what they think of you bother you... Well not gunna lie feels pretty **** knowing everyone hates you and you have no idea why. Also suffering from ppd, which is like baby blues but goes on for ages... Which is ofc not going to help. I just want to have a circle of mates how are in to the same stuff and who like me for me, like on telly all these girls are so close and I have never had that... I don't think I ever will. I just wish someone would tell me what I'm doing wrong, what is it about me that people hate? I'm truthful and I speak my mind so maybe that's why but I also care a lot about other people and try to help them and care about them and it never is returned.

I am 12 now. In a few months I will be 13 and I will be going to secondary school here in Singapore. In primary school, (5th/6th grade), I was the social outcast. Whenever I went for events organised by my classmates, I was rarely invited. So I contemplated committing suicide, especially after exams, when everyone had a lot of free time. The whole class started to hate me and I only had 2 or 3 friends. I would also like to note that I am slightly on the plump side and would never be considered as the most handsome person in my class, even though I don't wear glasses (and 80% of my classmates do). Most of the people ignore me, though there are always a handful of bullies trying to whack me or something.

I must also admit that I am a tattletale and I speak about every bad thing most people do.

I hope that someone can help me and give me tips to survive much better in secondary(/middle) school. Thank you.

I can so totally relate. This is like my own mind speaking.
I have been alone all my life. I'm going on 20 now, in the 3rd year of medical school, and live in a dorm.. Everyone has friends here, except me. Back in school I did have a nice group of friends and we were the cool group you know. But here, it's a different city and people are different, weird.
Last night it was a girl's birthday here who stays on the same floor as mine. All her friends came singing and shouting "happy birthday to Kriti" at 12 in the night with cake, drinks, loud music and all.. They partied all night, and the loud music didn't let me sleep, I wanted to sleep so that I wouldn't hear all that but it didn't let me sleep and made me feel so alone.. A party going on next door and you being uninvited you know .
Nobody ever does/did that on my birthday.. Back at home parents did ofcourse. But here, no one. I have only one best friend here, who doesn't really spend much time with me, but I call her my bestie cause yeah she's been there when I needed someone and vice versa.
That birthday girl, she isn't good at all.. Not a good person. A ***** she is.. But she has a lot of friends.. And everyone likes her. And I'm good, being honest, I know I am a good person and a very good friend, I am always there to listen to other's problems, but no one to listen to mine.. When they need something, like heels or anything they come to me, and I lend them mine when they go out, but they never ask me to come along... I am helpful, and actually a happy and cheerful person when around people.... I don't ***** about anyone, or bully people, I stand up for those being bullied... But no one here seems to like me.
I have come to believe that good people do not have as many friends as bad people do .
If you are good, no one likes you... I also wonder if they hate me cause I'm confident and get better grades than them and look better and get more attention from guys than them. I'm not boasting, but just thinking, maybe...
Earlier I thought the same way, that the fault lies in me, cause when everyone you come across hates you, you cannot say they are all crazy... But seriously, I don't know where I am at fault..
I'm good, helpful, fun loving, have a good sense of humour, talk a lot, lively, a good listener, problem solver, and a selfless motherly person who'd go and wipe the tears off a stranger's face or even an enemy's.
Still I have no one. Why? :-(

Hey! I know everyone responding has good intentions or is trying to figure out the same problem for themselves. They are sleep walking through life, as you are too.

Why do you allow other people to have so much power over you? -You are the one allowing it- When someone judges you, it is a figment of their imagination. Those negative things they think are -figments- of their imagination. Why are you letting a figment of someone else's imagination have so much power over you? Sounds pretty silly when you think of it that way. Do not look to other people to add justification to you life, look to your self. You feel your self worth exists not with your self but within the imaginations of others, a dismal reality.

The only reality you can ever really know is your own mind. You can only speculate to other people's minds. Young people have accomplished nothing with their lives, they seek justification and a sense of purpose. When you are older, and accomplished you can reflect on your own accomplishments and the opinions of others will be meaningless. It's time to work your muscles and walk the hard path millions have walked before you. If sleepwalk through the rest of your life you will be 40 years old and unaccomplished, still where you are now.

Stop Sleepwalking.

I know exactly how you feel. I'm 18 now and never had a true friend. In kindergarden I was always picked on because I was shy and never talked and then in grade 1 the girl I thought was my friend stabbed me in the back and then laughed at me. All through my primary and middle school I was teased and I even ones was called a devil child even though I'm a Christian. Then in high school the people I thought was my friends called me a loser and said I was irritating even though I did not speak much. I never could hold a friendship for longer than a year and if I did it was with the people who bullied me and took advantage of me. My friend of three years just ended the friendship but I'm actually glad because she bullied me and never took my feelings into consideration. Al my life I've been wondering if there is something wrong with me because it can't be everyone else. I've even been so depressed ones I've tried to commit suicide bit could not go through with it. If you have any advise please tell me.

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You have no idea how much I can relate to you! Although i feel you had it a little worse then me but i went through the SAME thing in middle school. making friends with the class bully putting up with her and her friends making fun of me being called stupid and annoying for no reason just because i talked a little and tried to be friendly. So i became reserved and isolated and then all of a sudden i wasn't annoying anymore i was "serious" and antisocial. These girls ruined my life in middle school and no other group wanted to be my friend. So i went to high school and literally spend gr 9 with some friends who ditched me in grade 10. i was alone spending lunches by myself for 3 years in high school and i never understood why nobody wanted to take me into their group. I wasn't mean or talkative or antisocial. I assumed it was my fault and I still do. Its kinda hard because u cant let people see your sad or theyll just tell u to "man up" or stop complaining and instead of trying to figure out the cause of your sadness they walk away and your labeled as the boring depressed one. Because really...who cares if the boring, serious shy girl with no friends is depressed?
I am very sorry about your situation and what happened to you though! Sometimes I think i just give off this aurora that makes people just decide they don't need to be friends with me right off the bat. Oh well.

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WOW! reading all these posts makes me sad. I hate to hear of young people in pain. Let me tell you my story:
At the age of 10 my family moved to another country and for 2 years I was bullied severely until my parents separated and my mom took us home, when we arrived home and I began back at school I talked funny and had blonde hair and dark tan and was again bullied. Like the OP I talked rather a lot and was told often that my voice was annoying and to shut up so by the time I was 14 just like the OP I tried to be someone I wasn't to fit in and this worked for a while but soon became annoying and again I had no friends. Because of the bulies and daily humiliation I left school at 15 and did not return, I had nobody my family just told me to stop feeling sorry for myself, stop being an attention seeker. I decided then that the only way I would ever be loved was to have a child so I lost my virginity with the sole purpose of getting pregnant. It worked but then I was the target of even more bullying in the streets, my family were disgusted and at 16 I had my baby and moved out....over the next few years I learned that the only way to not annoy people was to just not speak so i stopped talking, I walked around with my head down never making eye contact and minding my own business..this affected my child's first years at school because I was so convinced the teachers thought I was a bad mum, I moved and changed his school often...My life became about my child and being the best mum possible...I left the town I lived in and moved to other side of the country where nobody knew me but continued to walk with my head down and spoke to nobody...I did meet my husband when I was 20 and he is a very confident person, very chatty, people love him everywhere we go, i just stand by his side quietly, it annoyed him and he wished that I would just be myself...He and my children are the only people in the world I have ever been able to be myself with. .......
Until 18 months ago when my life changed...By this point I was 31 and desperately lonely, I was so nervous around other people and so eager to please and be the nicest person possible that the few people who did come into my life took advantage and left me feeling worse than before..I only had friends when they needed something, money, a babysitter, someone to work for them for free! and like a fool I did it! my family would only contact me if they wanted something and I always gave it even though it would cause huge arguments with my husband who saw them for what they really were!
Then one day I took a chance and asked a girl I had met online to meet me for a play date with the kids...we met, we chatted she was lovely and for the first time in around 15 years I was myself..i talked fast and laughed loud barely took a breath..I opened up and when she left I cried and beat myself up thinking that I had blown it...she will hate me...but she didn't we became real friends....6 months later she invited me to a party and although I was a nervous wreck I made the effort and I went..I was quiet but she introduced me to her friends and they were all lovely, the next day I woke up to 2 friends requests on fb......What they liked me? that can't be I took a chance and I met up with anther girl that I had been chatting to online.....Now I have a small group of absolutely wonderful friends who like me for me and the best thing is they have made me realize that I am a nice person and that the reason I had never had friends before was my own fear! My parents and siblings told me I wasn't good enough, the bullies in school told me that I wasn't good enough and I allowed this to effect my entire life..I went through my teens and 20's believing that their was something wrong with me, that I wasn't worthy of friends, that I was just an annoying waste of space....I've tried recently to build bridges with my family but they just keep hurting friends tell me to stop and just accept the people around me that love me and my family don't deserve me...It's hard and it hurts every day that the people I want love from the most just don't like me but I finally accept that the problem is theirs not mine, as I AM A GOOD PERSON and THEIR IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME! I tell myself this every single day now so that I will never forget again.
I do hope my story helps...sorry it was so long.

I feel your pain. I'm that person with not one friend and when I was in school everyone made fun of me. I even had friends who did it (or at least I thought they were friends) but I was always that "gross girl" the "annoying one" the "stupid" one even when being quiet and minding my own buisness I somehow was always the one who talked to much, then when I started gaining a little weight, like most girls will when they start to turn in to an adult and get out of their little teen stages I was that "chubby chick" or "fat ***" (only gaining maybe like 10 pounds going from 135 to 145) and still till this day I can't cry and let anyone see it because I will get told to either stop acting stupid, stop acting for attention, nobody cares, or glared at. And I've figured out a couple reasons people don't like me. I do kinda talk more than others but that is no reason to hate me that much. Hate me to the extent that I can cry and pretty much be told to shut up because no one cares by everybody. You are not alone because I'm almost 19 and nothing has changed. I actually left school with people even wanting to beat me up.

I know exactly how you feel. people have always rejected me no matter what i do. i'm 23 years old and its still going on and its so depressing i only have like 2 or 3 friends. I don't try to be anyone different but myself. I can sing i can rap i can play piano i can write music and poems and make beats and mixed and master vocals and everything is still the same. I was always bullied in school, so i dropped out due to hanging with people who i thought was my friend. I can't even find a girlfriend thats how bad it is and im not a ugly guy. im always rejected. I started to feel like the world is rejecting me. I started watching anime cause i can relate to it and this was when i was on the verge of killing myself Just now as im typing this i been trying to talk to a girl to get to know here she never respond to me until now and she said told me to get a life. It hurts when you try and nothing works out. I also have 5 social sites and nobody writes me send me request nobody respond to my messages its sad and it hurts so i know what you are going thru. i still dont know what to do.

Dude I will most def be your friend it you want what I learned is that"normal" people hate diffent they wish they where diffent but there not there just sad normal people I know that probly didnt make you fill better but its true there are people who are out there that will see all the cool and good things in you and say hay I like that girl and you will say hay is for horses lol :D talk to me some time :)

you can't assume the problem is yourself, because it sounds to me like it's theirs. if there's something about YOU that THEY don't like it's THEIR problem, if there was something about YOU that THEY didn't like it would be YOUR problem then, does that make sense? and sorry for the caps i was using them for emphasis

If u don't have support (friends/loving family) people find it easy to pick on/find fault in you to raise themselves up. Because life is a power struggle.

Ok so I’m 17 and I have dealt with this same problem; even now. Let’s get one thing straight teenagers are dicks; there... short and simple however this doesn’t help the dilemma at hand, this just justifies a little bit of the problem. Unlike you I think I know my problem...I' m kind of standoffish and not very social able; thus I’m defiantly not being myself and I’m not letting that wall around me fall to let others in. High School/ middle school is all about finding who you are as an individual and it sounds like you just haven’t gotten to that point and/or like me haven’t fully trusted anyone with your personality because you’re afraid you will get rejected for you …as you have before…. All I can say is try again to be 100 percent yourself and if you “fail” get up and try, try again- this will show that you are strong and that you don’t give a s**** what people think. FYI: people attract to confident/ carefree personalities. Good Luck ( 4 the both of us)

I'm 12 and everyone hates me it makes me so sad what is wrong with me I've began to get an attitude with my grandparents because of everything going on these past years have bin so bad my daddy doesn't even talk to me and my brother beat my mom and got taken away I no people who r my friend are phonies I've heard the things they say about me I've seen them laugh I no some people hate because of how ugly I am I interrupt and talk a little to much when I'm happy one year I'm so quiet to kids wich shocked me since usually im the big mouth any way I try to Be nice and I know teachers don't like me cause I talk to them to much but I no they can't be mean and alot of people think I'm weird I don't no why I don't no what is wrong with me I'm not bad at all I'm really nice but lately I seem to be loosing my grip because I take all the crap and act cool about it I even realsed to act like u have no idea your "friends" as the teacher puts it hate me lots of boys and girls hate me I don't no why ecept for the reasons I've told I mean I love art and reading I don't have to study at all though it takes a lot of work to manage my a b report card I'm sick to my stomach cause of thinking about it everyone hates me including my self I'm the least loved and unimportant in my faimly and its true my aunt bout everyone in my faimly that r kids ages 1-almost 6 presents my grandparent that I live with like my brother more then they like me they by him stuff every day almost and even say he's the special child to the faimly the only faimly members that choose me as important or a favorite is my other grandma and my mom

I have asperger's, so I have no choice but to accept that I cannot get a gf. Being an aspie doesn't automatically mean no girlfriend, but I honestly cannot picture myself with a woman. I'm a Christian so being gay is out of the question. I try to avoid people because I know I can't socially satisfy them so its like what's the point. I'm a little self centered, moderately ignorant, close-minded and most of all Childish. I dislike some people for stupid reasons such as "you have a mole on your finger". I also hold grudges, even against the opposite sex. I feel like if people knew me they would not like me but since they know I don't talk, they don't understand me, therefore they don't like me, so its a can't win situation. I do not like to laugh because it makes me (and other people) look and sound stupid. Everybody who has ever talked to me besides family and church has stopped talking to me and I will most likely never see them again. Im not expecting any help, im just putting these facts out there. I have accepted my socially awkwardness because I cannot do anything about it. I don't really like making an effort to get know people anyway because I'm not gggood at it. I'm a 17 year old male, BTW.

I like you and I don't even know you but there is something about you that tells me you would be the best friend any one could ever ask for.

Well, heck, I'm over 40, and STILL feeling like a misfit. Like the rest of you guys, I don't know what it is, but it has to be something about my personality. Like deadmoon, I try to be nice. I'm courteous and pleasant. I wonder if it's the fact that I'm so pessimistic...but I wouldn't be pessimistic if people liked me! Lol.

I was bullied in elementary school, and invisible in high school. In college, I thought I would finally fit in, but I didn't. I did have a best friend, but then she moved to another state, and she wasn't much of a letter writer, so I lost touch with her. Before that happened, however, I contacted her again to let her know I was getting married, and her comment was, "Oh, so you're marrying one of your own." She said that because I'm Hispanic, and was marrying another Hispanic. She herself is American, born in this country....

There's this woman at the office, who has been there a year. She's African-American. On several occasions, I have complimented something she was wearing -- a skirt, some earrings, etc. A few months ago, I came back from a lunchtime shopping trip, wearing a new hat, and showed it to her and another co-worker. Her response to me? "Girl, you look like a homeless woman."

I just don't understand....I could go on and on with more stories, but don't want to tire everybody out.

It doesn't necessarily get better as you grow older. It seems, in my case at least, that it's either stayed about the same, or gotten worse, if that's possible....

Depressing, yeah....what can I say, except that I know exactly how all of you guys feel... for what it's worth, I understand and sympathize with all of you. I wish we all lived close to each other, because we all could definitely be friends, in spite of our different ages! :)

I'm a 13 year old boy. Nobody at school really listens to me, all they do is ignore me, as if I were talking to a brick wall. The people that I think are my friends do talk to me. However, whenever all their other friends come around I'm in the void and ignored. Other people say, "You're a retard" "No one likes you" "You are so annoying" "You have no friends" Whenever people use my name, Michael, they are usually referring to another person and not me. I always look when people say that, but then realize, they don't care about me. I'm usually alone, ALL THE TIME and wish I had a friend I could just talk to about anything. At lunch, I;m that guy that sits at the end of the table. People give me nasty looks and say, "Only cool people sit here" I usually just cry it out at home. That never helps. No one understands me or tries to sit me or even say Hi. Forever Alone?

I totally know where you're coming from, don't feel alone,

Michael :/

I no how u feel except I have 1 friend that is true not a faker I'm so broken and alone I feelas if no one feels how I do bullies stink hang in there I would really like to be your friend:)

im 34 now and im as what you said...<br />
<br />
tried all ways, tried and tried since being 8 years old ive had the same issue, its not letting me go<br />
<br />
same issue, same responses, same results, but, in different ages with different knowledge with different parameters<br />
<br />
religious beliefs increased and loving to god as he become my only shalter, as ive realised that this is my curse, when i ignore the issue i feel free, but in releality im running away from the truth<br />
<br />
i thought of my senses, i’ve been searching since 8 years old whats wrong, what is the big thing that i do, i doubted my appearance, my way of talking my voice tone, my knoweldge, my education<br />
<br />
sometimes ive been drawning in finding special properties and talents which i believe i had, i found that i was trying to solve the issue and live my life as a normal human being, i found that my talents are exists when i truly wants to end this issue and let it go and put it behind my back<br />
<br />
After 34 years old i’ve realised that i have to live with it “this is me” this is how god created me, can’t get out of my skin and try another people skins, the mask will be finally unconvered<br />
<br />
Thanks god for every thing, hope he will compensate me after life.<br />
<br />
Thanks for each person who gived me his time to read my article.

I feel the same way right now! <br />
Sometimes I try to be invisible as possible in school, ignore them even it's hurt! It got worst day by day! <br />
I hope you know , your not alone!

Ugh. I felt the same way for a long (longer than I would like to admit!) portion of my life (in fact, I still do!)<br />
<br />
It's true, but only upto a point. Not everyone will like you, especially if they don't take the time to get to know you (highschool can be hell because of reasons like this!), but you have to ask yourself: do those people really matter? I can't help but feel that other people (especially anyone I don't know) just absolutely hate my guts for some reason, but I can bear it because once I come home I'm with someone who loves me unconditionally. That someone is trying to teach me that only a few things matter in life, and among the biggest of them is self-acceptance, and I think if you can accept yourself (without needing to be approved by others), then life'll be a whole bunch easier.<br />
<br />
I hope this helps!

Your awsome and fuckall them tards there loss for not bein ur frien i had a frien that ****** my ex fience in my house and bed while i was in the livining room talking to his ex prego girl **** friends cant trust people anyway

Your awsome and fuckall them tards there loss for not bein ur frien i had a frien that ****** my ex fience in my house and bed while i was in the livining room talking to his ex prego girl **** friends cant trust people anyway

i understand this 100% you seem awesome from all the groups you have joined and everything on your profile. People need to learn the way of respect.

Doesn't matter who likes you, you said "I think nobody likes me" and you're saying people do like you. <br />
So there :P