Always Left Out...

Hey all, 
I have always felt left out... like no one ever likes me. Every time a group of my so called friends go out they tell me that they did text me to go, that probably the text didn't go through. Rally? all the time? I am sick of asking people to invite me asking to go with them asking for permission to be their friends. I just want to have a close relationship with people... I always see people with best friends and with close friends. I can never achieve that. No one ever wants to be around me... they just stop talking when people leave and I 'm the only one in the room with him/her. Like a hint for me to leave. Why can't I make friends. I just want someone to talk to when I have a problem... I'm just sick of it, sick of everything sick of life... It would be better if it would end sooner so I don't have to deal with all of this. 
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I feel you except my guy "friends" just never invite me. All but one has my cell phone number but I'm friends with them all on social media. It sucks plus the talk to people more boring than me so it can't be that. I'm a really good friend.

I so feel your pain.its like no matter what I do,mess up,no one wants me around and I'm just not likeable-like everything is my fault!

i feel d same like all of u but its pity that my family behaves this way to me........ whenever my cousins are together all of them make plans to hang out and behave as if i dont exist ..... i feel suffocated..... dont know what to do..... otherwise they r all good to me..... it hurts plz someone help

dont worry it's not only you... i have a lot of cousins and they call me only when they need me , they all hang out together but never invite me.... this has happened a lot and i have told them but they say nothing at all...

PS ... Nobody is thinking about you, they are too worried wondering what you are thinking about them ............

You are probably trying to hard. Relax, be yourself, read the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

We've all felt this way in our lives, but the real truth here is that their missing out on you.. sometimes its tough and we take it to heart, not healthy. It seems you all have something in common, perhaps you can be friends with each other. Don't let it get you down, that's what they want you to feel. Do the opposite, they'll start coming around!

I know what you mean, I find it really hard to make friends also. I'm 26 and go to a four year university and everyone here acts like I'm really old. I thought I had made some friends and overlooked how much younger than me they were since there aren't many people here my age, but then they started finding ways to make it look like they wanted to hang out when they really didn't. I don't understand why people pretend to be my friend and then give me the slip! I can understand if someone doesn't like me that much, but then why invite me in the first place? Its much more hurtful to think I've made a friend and then discover that they aren't really my friend.

I'm 33, and I thought I had a great group of friends that I've known since high school, only to find out that they all betrayed me, and would rather hang out with my ex, who threatened me and my daughter, rather than spare my feelings, and not hang out with him. The funny part is, they didn't even hang out with him really until he wrote me that nasty letter. They say it's better to have loved and lost rather than never to have loved at all. But at this point, I feel like I'd rather us never had been friends. So just remember that even if you do find a group of friends, it doesn't mean that it will last, and that they won't screw you over in the end anyway.

me too, i feel like this have done all my life. i was invited out last week for tomorrow night, got all excited new dress the works and then nothing! ive tried facebooking them to see what the arrangements are but they never reply. not the first time either, just feel like whats wrong with me? all i want is a friend and no matter what i do it never happens, even at work im never invited out to social nights, im 42 so no hope for me i suppose

I have had similar experiences, it's defiantly no fun to be the one everyone hates. I'm always available for a chat if you ever need to vent =)

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I feel ya. People are gonna be people, that's the bottom-line. I've never had a group of friends and when I finally found one, I found out that no one really cared about or even liked me. It's tough but if you don't have a higher purpose for living, you're always gonna want out. Trust in God, live your life for him. I was a psych major and you don't even want to know all the bolshit that goes into people's decision making and how many random things go into making ppl act the way they do. Just love others, or don't, you're not required to be nice to people who don't like you or treat you the way you should be treated. Just find something you love and devote your energies to it. God loves you, that's why you're here on this sometimes maddening world. I'll be praying for you, good luck.

I have gone through the same things... it really sucks... but lately I've realized that the people that I was trying to fi in were not being real with me... I mean I wante to be with them but they didn't want to be with me so wny even try... if you really look into it... you are gonna find friends that care about you and that are there for you no matter what.. those are the friends that trully matter... I got sick of trying to go out with the people that just ignored me all the time... and although my real friends might not go out and party all the time... they are there to be friends at any given time. and like you, that girl saved your life... that's a real friend! :) and if you need to talk more we can!

yo, i feel just like u,but i try to make friends,girl friends, but no one gives a **** about me i really do hate my life i was going to kill myself but some one helped me i think she liked me thats y i didnt do it please speak back